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Love Island 2019: Why unlucky in love Anton is emerging as the star of the show

Anton on Love Island 2019
Anton on Love Island 2019

Sheena McGinley

Anton. How we love thee. You were an underappreciated smooth-bummed ball of energy and now, finally, in Episode 17, we're becoming aware of your many wonders.

He's the eternal optimist, "buzzing" every time anything happens, so it's unsurprising that he seemed under the impression that the newest goddess to the Villa, Arabella, was leaning towards him. Early on in Friday's show, he said: "I do feel like she's edging a bit more towards me". Um, no, because there's zero challenge but – again – you've gotta love that that optimism. Oh, and according to Arabella, he's a 's***' kisser.

Anton may be routinely rejected in the Villa, but he's becoming something of a demigod among viewers. From murmuring "I'm not sure that was who you thought it was" to Curtis after he went jelly-legged during tonight's kissing challenge, and providing a running commentary to Danny regarding the supermodel and the scientist fighting over him – Anton is the Villa's embodiment of Ian Sterling.

There he was. Grinning and brimming with joy, saying "Good connection, it's a 10" after his germ swap with Arabella. Amy nearly squinted herself into oblivion... which is to be expected considering she'd already kissed 'Half-Boyfriend' Curtis and he only gave her a Len Goodman. SEVEN!

Understandable strop impending, Curtis was keen to squash the issue immediately but Amy was irked he didn’t read the signs. She said “I scratched your neck like I always do, so you knew it was me. And then you gave me a seven and rated everyone else really high." Curtis, seemingly unaware he could make things worse, repeatedly said: “I didn’t know that it was you.”

Sensing he was in the doghouse, producers sent Danny Zucko and Sandy on a date, demanding #turnthatsevenintoaten. Perched at the trestle table with their garage chocolates, Amy elaborated on her appreciation of Curtis by talking about, well, herself mostly...

"You make me feel like a princess. I’m not an affectionate person but in the short time we’ve known each other I’ve become more like that. Nobody else is half boyfriend and girlfriend. That is unique to us.” Indeed it is, Amy, indeed it is.

Curtis responded in kind and saying: “I am happy. We’re going in the correct direction. I can’t wait to see what the future holds.” And other such mechanical platitudes.

Ideally, affection should not be forced. Yewande did not get this memo. Ergo, she announced "I'm gonna go down there and be affectionate", before marching up to Danny and Arabella, unceremoniously plonking herself down on top of his leg/hand, saying "I gonna just sit on you because I want to"... Smooth

It was nice for us Irish to get a shout out from Ian Sterling – especially considering we can't vote for ANYTHING, despite two Irish girls being in there. What did Ian Sterling say? He referred to the closer of the germ fest as "What our Irish viewers would call "THE END OF THE SHIFT".

To the actual results: Amy was last (eeeeep), Amber was second last (quite the revelation to her considering she gives herself "at ten" with most things. There were the nondescripts in between, then the top three. Arabella and her Amazonian jaws were third, Lucie was second, and Anna's bouncy lips came first.

• Arabella would swallow all of us whole. Seriously, ALL of us.
• Amy is vying to bring out some kind of Get Fit Doing Inflight Passenger Manouvres  DVD

Much support for Yewande

Anton is going to start grafting Maura... It's gonna happen. There's no tweet to back it up, just my gut.

Love Island continues Sunday on Virgin Media Two and ITV2.

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