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Love Island 2019: Michael was never that into Amber, and Curtis is on the turn, lads!



Oh, Michael. It started with that eye roll at Danny, when Amber pulled him up on his “word” regarding Yewande… Now it looks like his head is doing a 180 for a newbie Joanna. And the worst thing is he may have to fight Curtis for her.

Did Curtis pull Michael up on the fact that it's improper to swap your partner and nigh series-long bedfellow mere hours after they’d departed for a slightly more finessed model? He did, but that’s Curtis; one could argue he's all about the veneer. In fact, Curtis probably opted to sleep in the day bed with Tommy so he could tell Amy what a good boy he was, all while surreptitiously grafting Joanna. Indeed he too has eyes for the “business consultant”, and may be hedging his bets not giving Michael the green light to share a bed “just for the chats.”

Michael had already enjoyed "chats" with Joanna, mostly saying Amber was "childish". Speaking in the Beach Hut, the firefighter said: "The new girls coming in has obviously come at a great time. It’s helped me realise situations that I’ve overlooked with Amber, and it’s made me realise that I did go into a shell over the past week and I wasn’t really acting myself. Just acting a bit out of character. This has come at a good time to help me clear things up in my head."

In short, Amber is fast becoming this year’s Georgia "I’M LOYAL, BOO” Steel. Yes, Michael has every right to find someone who is more of a perfect fit, it's just a shame someone had to remind him that (to reiterate) it's not OK to share a bed with someone the same day your partner leaves.


No, he’s not checking out himself in the mirror (well, no more than usual) rather he’s casting a peeper over actress/model Jourdan.


The model said of his future with the pharmacist "We’ve not explicitly sat down and said to each other that if this situation was to come around, would we get to know the other people? So I’m just going to get to know the girls in the villa currently, and then obviously I can weigh up my options and figure out what the best thing going forward is, for myself and obviously for Anna." Noted, Jordan. We appreciate your feedback.

Anna has found herself in the same predicament and has decided (in case it needed confirming) that she finds Ovie more alluring than Jordan. What exactly does Anna find more alluring about 6 foot 7 pro basketballer? His conversation. It’s “flowing”, apparently. That's not the only thing flowing, missus.


Someone else currently riding a wave of flowing bullskitter is Curtis. Seemingly in a bid to convince himself, Tommy, himself, the viewing public and – most Importantly – himself, Curtis let this deluge of overcompensation spill forth…

“I’m a bit all over the place. There is nothing wrong with me and Amy in any way. Our relationship is great, everything is incredible, it’s fantastic. I like her, I like spending time with her, I can see it working in the long run on the outside, I really can. But I don’t know why, I’m really confused. These girls have come in and there’s two of them. Jourdan and Joanna. I don’t know mate, I feel a little bit weird. Maybe this is just going to be a massive test. Why am I even thinking about this situation?”

Because you know, deep down, that if you ask Amy to be your FULL girlfriend, that's you effectively married off. What may soften the impending blow for Amy is the fact that neither Jourdan or Joanne are blonde.


Did you see what we did there…? Moving on; Maura has undoubtedly had the best time in Casa Amor so far – she only got the shift, like! The lippie proper hoovered off her fayace! And Dennon was the one who put the moves in on her, which makes a nice change. For everyone.

Video of the Day


• Danny is taking "Arabella" being dumped by the island "badly", but is still gunning to get to know the new girls. "This couldn't have happened at a better time for me personally"

• Man, Tommy cuddling Molly’s Ellie Belly teddy in the daybed beside Curtis had twitter weak at the knee knobs

• "You attract me". Really?

• The Casa Amor Beach Hut camera needs to be just a smidge higher. It wouldn't happen on Instagram



Another almighty germ fest with everyone wearin' deh fayaces off each udder! Oh and Tommy will probably be sleeping on the daybeds solo at this rate.

Love Island continues Sunday on Virgin Media Two and ITV2.

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