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Love Island 2019: Lucie's looking to the future, Tom leaves Maura cold, and Yewande talks very loudly about Danny...

There wasn't a lot of love in episode 15...


Lucie and Joe on Love Island. PIC: ITV2

Lucie and Joe on Love Island. PIC: ITV2

Lucie and Joe on Love Island. PIC: ITV2

Man, Lucie was on the brink of flooding the Villa with the amount of tears she's shed over Joe's departure. Distraught at the thought of being in there without "her rock", the girls were quick to converge.

Amy was particularly keen to offer Lucie what could be construed (by Twitter) as a 'Passive Aggressive Dig Thinly Disguised as Support', saying: “We’ve all had our differences but situations like this make you realise that we all need to stick together. We’re going to support you."

While Lucie thinks herself and Joe's connection is solid, Molly-Mae fills her in on the chat she had with Joe where he expressed that perhaps he and Lucie weren't so compatible. The 22-year-old said at the time "I don't want a girl like that" (who speaks to other men when she knows it upset him).

Anyway, after being buoyed by every Islander since Joe's departure, Lucie is  now looking forward and said she'd be open to going on a date if her "perfect match" walked through the door and managed to "tick all the boxes."


There's been no bog-standard game of Spin the Bottle as yet (probably a health and safety issue), leaving the Islanders playing a ‘yes or no’ truth-telling thingy. The moment we viewers were made privy to went thusly...

Molly-Mae asked Jordan “If someone walked in tonight, would you be willing to get to know them?”

Jordan said “No.”

Anna suddenly joined the game and Molly-Mae asked her “If Jordan stuck it on you tonight, would you kiss him back?”

Anna said “Yes.”

You'll NEVER guess what happened next?! He may wear quite high white socks with shorts. Twitter may also have a gnawing obsession with his teeth. And his hair (rocking quite the Bjork this evening). But – damn – he's a good kisser. According to Anna, anyway. £50k is quite the aphrodisiac.


Firstly, there's a photo of Tom's most recent ex on Instagram doing the rounds and she is the perfect blend of Maura and Elma – so that clarifies that randomness of that situation. Now that Elma's been bumped from the island after last night's public vote off, Tom has set his sights fully on remaining option, Maura.

Slathering on the charm, Tom murmured "They’re [that being the boys] not sure I can handle you. I assure you I could." Oh. Yay. They weren't exactly wooing words for the Longford lady either. Afterwards, she said: “I can’t describe it. There is something missing with Tom. Maybe he does find me intimidating... But I wanted to be intimidated!"

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And there it is... Maura's second lucid moment in a week (the second being "I'm not going to talk about sex as much"). Given the number of revelatory navel-gazing that's occurring this series, Maura and Anton will leave completely reformed. Maybe that's something they could bond over... No, stick with it for a moment; they are the male/female version of each other. They even have the same eyebrows. It's kismet.


• Amber must really, really like Michael considering her self-defence mechanism of channelling her latent Miranda Priestly didn't bubble forth with a barrage of insults during their first date (apart from saying "You look like you are going to ruin a girl's life") Although, she does expect him to move to Newcastle, so her inner diva is never far from the surface.

• Maura shocked everyone by announcing she's only slept with five people (six if you include her tryst with a girl "after a night out") and doesn't do one night stands (unless you're a girl). I'm not surprised she has a one hand body count – hence the rampant horniness.


• YEWANDE. DOES. NOT. LIKE. TALKING. ABOUT. HOW. SHE. FEELS. Considering there's zero craic to be had between herself and Danny – especially as a fledgeling couple – the self-sabotage is almost complete. That or she thinks he's snakey.

• Curtis's motivational speeches are starting to wear a bit thin. Just a smidge.



Twitter still isn't over this beautiful display of affection between Curtis and Amy from last night's show.



An absolute stunner (like, at a glance; total bang of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley off her) slips into the Villa, and we're meant to believe Curtis's head will be turned. Really, Anton and Danny will fight to the death, before Tom swoops in. Just a feeling.

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