Tuesday 17 September 2019

Late Late Toy Show date revealed

Ryan Tubridy. Photo: Andres Poveda
Ryan Tubridy. Photo: Andres Poveda

The date for the Late Late Toy Show has been revealed.

Broadcaster Ryan Tubridy told his radio show listeners that the family friendly programme will air on November 29th so they better save the date.

"Sometimes we leave it a little later to announce it but I just think that you want to plan ahead so cancel everything because the Toy Show 2019..

"Which is in full flow in terms of planning - we know exactly what we're doing, we know exactly where we're going and we know exactly what kind of fool I'm going to look like on the night.

"On the 29th of November, the last Friday in November, Toy Show 2019, that's it. Save the date.

"If you're invited to a wedding, tell them you can't go."

The Late Late Toy Show is Ryan's favourite edition of the programme. For the last five years it has grow in both ambition and production values.

The programme appeals to both adults and children as it taps into out national nostalgia.

Dr Anthony McIntyre of UCD's Film & Media Studies department, previously said the nostalgia that parents enjoy every year offers the Toy Show juggernaut much of its heft.

"It's like the other signifiers of being Irish, like Father Ted or Tayto," he notes. "It's for us, by us, and a real indicator of Irish culture that's not captured by tourist-board images. It's something for insiders and it's something that expats will watch to feel connected to home. In the 80s on British TV, you had things like Noel's House Party where they'd be showing off toys and giving them to kids, but the Toy Show were the only ones in RTE doing it," he adds.

"It was a strange example of consumerism delivered in a friendly, folksy way."

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