Monday 14 October 2019

Joy for Mrs Brown’s Boys fans: Christmas specials to air until at least 2020

Mrs Brown's Boys Christmas Special topped ratings
Mrs Brown's Boys Christmas Special topped ratings

Patricia Murphy

Mrs Brown’s Boys star Brendan O’Carroll has signed up to create specials of the hit show each Christmas until 2020.

The actor and comedian revealed that BBC and RTE will air festive editions of the Irish mammy phenomenon for the next five years.

“I have been commissioned to write another two Christmas specials up until 2020,” the 59-year-old told The Irish Daily Mirror.

“I am lucky enough I can grow into the part and so that is nice. The Christmas special was quite naughty but it was good fun to do,” he said.

The star also quashed rumours that he planned to pull the plug on the hugely popular show, which depicts the daily life of north Dublin pensioner Agnes Brown.

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“There is absolutely no truth in the story I’m not writing Mrs Brown’s Boys anymore.

“I would be very disappointed if that were the case because that is the kind of fool that I am. I work for 20 years to make something and as soon as it’s successful then I stop,” he said.

O’Carroll also revealed that there are plenty more shows in the pipeline throughout the next few years, aside from Mrs. Brown’s Boys.

“I’d love to do a TV programme from the arrivals at the airport and interview people waiting for loved ones coming out.

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“I would like to film them and speak to them about who they are waiting for and why they are there.

“Growing up in Dublin there was 11 of us in my family and some of my brothers and sisters emigrated.

“At one stage seven of us were away and Christmas was spent meeting people at airports which I loved and I used to cry just to see people coming through arrivals.”

“You would see a mother waiting for her son or daughter and the joy on their faces. You know the end of Love Actually and they do that montage and the is what it’s like,” he said.

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