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It's too late for lapdog Piers Morgan to turn on Trump and Boris

Declan Lynch

Morgan is finally showing us what might have been if TV journalists had held rogue regimes to account, writes Declan Lynch


Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan has in recent times been restoring the reputation of good old-fashioned British TV journalism. Which will immediately cause some of you to wonder how the reputation of good old-fashioned British TV journalism could have reached such a state that an intervention by Piers Morgan might conceivably restore it.

And it is true that the efforts being made by Morgan on ITV's Good Morning Britain to hold members of the UK government to account should not be so remarkable.

In a better world, in a better time, we'd hardly even notice it. But in the world at this time, it becomes something of a daily sensation when an interviewer sticks it to a minister with a few hard questions on a morning TV show.

Hard questions, but not too hard: Piers Morgan has not been seeking the answer to the great questions about the meaning of life, just routine stuff really about the UK government's response to the pandemic. Stuff which nevertheless is defeating various members of the Johnson administration.

But it is the tone adopted by Morgan which is probably more impressive: he has sounded impatient, even angry at how poor the responses have been. He has been relentless, hammering away at the spokespeople who have been sent to him with their lines of spin and nothing else.

Morgan has taken the view that Britain got it very wrong. Which critics might say is merely his opinion, and one that has no place in proper 'impartial' journalism, though of course those critics would be gravely mistaken.

Any TV journalist who fails to make intelligent deductions about a national catastrophe, and fails to bring those deductions into his line of questioning, is not really doing journalism at all - he is doing whatever it was that brought the good old-fashioned British variety to the abyss in which it languishes. Indeed he is doing what most of them were doing in the last few years, when they enabled the far-right project that was Brexit.

By going against this tide of egregious hackery, not only is Piers Morgan departing from the style of the majority of TV reporters, he is departing from the style of one Piers Morgan.

Because there is a catch to Morgan's revival of the ancient virtues of his trade: there is the fact that it was utterly inconceivable that a Tory Brexiter government led by Boris Johnson would be anything but incompetent, feckless and pathologically dishonest.

They are so obviously a bad lot, it raises the question of why Piers Morgan or any other interrogator could have allowed them to get away with their Brexit gibberish for so long .

Indeed part of the reason for the UK government's poor response to the pandemic was that they were already looking at one catastrophe, which they had wrought on themselves - and yes, that was partly due to the staggering ineptitude of so many TV journalists, all those unforgiveable failures to keep them honest.

While they still haven't fully gone through with their twisted schemes for a No Deal Brexit and the like, it's not because they had Piers Morgan and friends giving them the grief that they so richly deserved.

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But there is more: not only has Morgan decided to put the Tories under heavy manners, he has also turned against his old mate Trump.

From Morgan's attack on the Trumper, you could get the impression that on the whole, Trump hadn't been doing too badly, but on the pandemic he was found wanting - which means that on this one too, Morgan is found wanting.

He is found wanting, because nothing in this world was ever more predictable than that Trump would fail horribly in a crisis - certainly any sort of a crisis that involves the health and welfare of the multitudes.

No more than the Brexiters, he is bent on the destruction of government, not on its mobilisation for the greater good - and again with brutal predictability, this has meant that the UK and the USA, with all their wealth and their power and their sophistication, are now leading the world in coronavirus carnage.

It could not be any other way, for reasons which better journalists have been proclaiming, not for the last few weeks, but for the last few years - while TV hacks like Piers have been waving it all through.

How late it is, how late for Piers Morgan suddenly to discover that these rogue regimes mightn't be up to it after all.

And by his rediscovery of the lost arts of TV journalism, he is showing us what might have been.

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