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'It's Denise to win for me, she's the full package'


Des Cahill and dance partner Karen Byrne rehearsing on the set of ‘Dancing with the Stars’. Photo: Steve Humphreys

Des Cahill and dance partner Karen Byrne rehearsing on the set of ‘Dancing with the Stars’. Photo: Steve Humphreys

Des Cahill and dance partner Karen Byrne rehearsing on the set of ‘Dancing with the Stars’. Photo: Steve Humphreys

We've been busy this week rehearsing for our jive and it's great fun. As my dance partner Karen Byrne said, you'd have to smile watching it.

There are some spectacular dancers in this competition but this is just so much fun. I can't keep the smile off my face when I'm doing it.

Tomorrow night, I'm going to be doing a much more spectacular lift, a much braver one than last week.

I'm afraid to say that it's been going well in case I jinx it, but it will look great on the night. It's working well for us. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to do it but it's been going well in training, so touch wood it goes well on the night.

We'll be dancing to 'Do You Love Me?' by The Contours.

On Wednesday, Karen and I went into town and the amount of people who stopped us on the street, I couldn't get over it. They were saying to us, "It's so much fun watching the two of you". People seem to like that we have our own chemistry going on. We aren't matched in age or size or anything else and I think the public like that because we're getting on like a house on fire.

People are much more accepting when they see an improvement in you and you're not just coasting along. I don't have this big public campaign going on as I'm not trying to win it. I'm just enjoying it all.

On Thursday, my pal Aidan became a dad after he and Denise welcomed baby Lucia and I was absolutely delighted for them, it's lovely news.

You do become very close on the show and it's difficult watching people go out every week. While I was delighted to go through last week, I felt bad for Katherine - like I feel bad for everyone who's gone out. But clearly the public are voting for me and not as a joke figure either. Along with the public, I've been getting amazing support from the RTÉ newsroom too as well as the 'Morning Ireland' and the 'News at One' team.

In terms of popularity, the show has become this juggernaut and I'm well aware of how many people want to sign up for season two now. Loads of celebrities want to meet me to talk to me about it, what it's really like being on the show, they're all dying to do it now.

Tonight, myself and Karen are heading out to the Red Cow Hotel. There's going to be a 60th anniversary celebration for Karen's old school, St Dominic's Secondary in Ballyfermot.

Tomorrow night, producers are changing things up by introducing this marathon ballroom blitz segment. As well as our main routine, all five of us are performing on the floor at the same time and the judges will eliminate one by one. So there's no prizes for guessing who's going to go first!

When it comes to picking a winner, I think Denise McCormack will do it. Myself, Aidan and Dayl have gone into a habit of going for drinks on a Sunday night after the show, to my local pub in Shankill. We invited her out for one of our sessions. We were like 'You have to come out'. So she did and she was brilliant craic. We've already invited her and her husband out to my house. Everyone in the group loves her so I'd love her to win it. Plus she's a fabulous dancer. She's the full package.

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