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'It's a whole era of PC gone mad' - Clare politician puts forward motion to have Joe Brolly reinstated in RTÉ


Joe Brolly. Photo: Ray McManus/Sportsfile

Joe Brolly. Photo: Ray McManus/Sportsfile

Joe Brolly. Photo: Ray McManus/Sportsfile

A county councillor has put forward a motion calling on the incoming Minister for Communication to reinstate Joe Brolly as a GAA pundit on the RTÉ.

Independent representative Gerry Flynn put Motion 31 forward for debate at the Clare County Council meeting this coming Monday to have the Derry pundit reinstated.

The motion reads: "We are calling on the Minister for Communication and Finance to request RTÉ to reinstate the football analyst Joe Brolly to his position on the current panel ASAP."

"Joe has provided in depth analysis of football of many years and his removal from the panel has taken away from the enjoyment of the game for many people who watch our games on the national station."

Brolly was snubbed for the All Ireland Football Final replay after he questioned a penalty decision by referee David Gough and the sending off of Dublin star Jonny Cooper.

He claimed the Co Meath match official had been “clearly influenced by the propaganda coming from Kerry”. He has not appeared on the panel since."


David Gough and (inset) Joe Brolly

David Gough and (inset) Joe Brolly

David Gough and (inset) Joe Brolly

Mr Flynn claimed that RTÉ are indulging in a culture of "PC gone mad".

"We often say if England got the cough, we'd get the flu. I'd say they are going down the road of sanitisation the same as the English crowd," he said.

"Joe Brolly is one of those people that not only played at a high level but also analysed the game at the highest of levels and I think the way he was treated by RTÉ was very shoddy.

"He's a guy that I have the height of respect for - he literally gave his kidney to a stranger - and I think his loss from the panel of RTÉ is unbelievable and I couldn't believe they dropped him.

"I think it's a whole era of PC gone mad and a cleansing of the programme by RTÉ, but I'm certainly not going to sit back and take it on the chin and do nothing and that's why we put forward this motion.

"We do fund RTÉ and some of their pundits are on exorbitant amounts of money and here we have a pundit that served them for nearly 20 years, so I would have the height of respect for Joe Brolly and I think the question needs to be asked of RTÉ."

Mr Flynn, who put forward the motion with the support of fellow-Councillors PJ Ryan and Ann Norton, said that he expects the motion will be criticised but that he is not phased as he feels that he is doing the right thing.

"I'd be in the circle of sport and after getting a lot of calls from constituents I was thinking 'what can I do as a lowly County Councillor," he said.

"I'm a public representative and the bottom line is criticism is something that comes in my direction every week and in equal amounts I get praise as well.

"If I was worried about criticism I wouldn't be in it at all.

"I'm not running for election. It's not being done for publicity. It';s being done because here I think we have a person who is being short changed by RTÉ.

"I'm sure you'll have a lot of, as I call them, keyboard warriors saying 'have they not more to be doing with your time' but this is of public interest."

The motion will be voted on this coming Monday. Mr Flynn said that he is confident that it will pass.

"I think I'll get backing on it, from the soundbites that are coming in my direction anyway and I have two very sound Councillors backing me on it so I'd be hopeful."

An RTE spokesperson declined to comment when contacted by Independent.ie.

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