Sunday 18 August 2019

'Is there some kind of apocalypse happening?' - Did you spot this blunder in last night's RTE weather forecast?

RTE Weather
RTE Weather

Sasha Brady

Pray for the West.

Met Eireann warned us that the weather is going to be "wet, cold and changeable" this week but according to last night's forecast nowhere was more prone to this changeable weather than Galway.

While the rest of the country has been wondering if it really is December thanks to milder than average temperatures, the poor people of Galway had to suffer through a sudden and severe drop in temperature.

Well, not quite.

An unfortunate typo on the map in last night's forecast predicted that Galway would experience temperatures as low as -13 degrees on Wednesday night.

Thankfully, temperatures hovered around two and three degrees in the area and Galway wasn't transformed into Siberia overnight.

Met Eireann confirmed to that it was a typo and Galway will experience temperatures of seven to nine degrees today. So nothing too drastic.

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