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Impromptu arrivals, babies, and ill-advised unions

Coronation Street: Bethany is that desperate to swap Milan for Manchester that she chucks away Nick's car keys while en route to the airport. She must really love Weatherfield; she's hung onto the accent despite moving to Italy when she was a baby. Either way, Sarah Lou lands back and tears strips off her wayward Lolita - before cosying up with Callum. Michelle mentions a long engagement, which Steve only sees as a negative, but things aren't all bad as Tony offers to lend him money for his outstanding tax bill. Tim corners Craig and demands to know what his daughter is keeping from him… eh, impending granddaddy-hood given Faye goes into labour early on Friday. Elsewhere, Nick and Carla enjoy each other's company. The street is VERY small.

Fair City: The whole 'will Robbie and Carol's affair be found out?!' storyline just keeps on giving. After Louise manages to convince Dean to confide in Leo, his dad's resulting attempt to bail him out goes fantastically awry. There's a new face hanging around Carrigstown, and it's turned Laura's head. Next thing, she's questioning her relationship with Nina.

Emmerdale: Priya does her best 'Lindsay Lohan in The Parent Trap' impression and tries luring her parents back together. Laurel gets herself in an absolute heap and lies to Doug, while Marlon's monetary worries reach a new level. Adam and toy-boy magnet Vanessa get it on (they're 'consoling' each other the only way they can in soap) - because her burning love for Rhona is a very distant memory…

EastEnders: Phil's back, and he's a special kind of purple, such is his rage. Once he lands back after his impromptu departure, he's hell bent on getting The Arches back off Max. Needless to say, he threatens him, leaving Max no option but to deploy his ace. Indeed, he only let Phil know that it was Ben who handed him the garage, not Sharon of the increasingly tumbling locks.

Ros na RÚn: Frances considers tell Tadhg about her supposed infidelity with Eoin.

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