Saturday 25 May 2019

'I was judged because I opened my mouth' - Love Island's Hayley Hughes on 'What's Brexit' backlash

Love Island's Hayley Hughes
Love Island's Hayley Hughes

Sean O'Grady

Love Island's Hayley Hughes has brushed off criticism she received on the show when she did not understand what Brexit was.

The Liverpool woman (21) was seen discussing the process of Britain leaving the European Union with her fellow contestants on the show and did not appear to understand what it meant, asking "what's that?"

When her fellow islanders explained what it meant, Hayley replied: "So, does that mean we won't have any trees?"

Speaking to, Hayley admitted she has "no filter" when she speaks and was being judged for her comments.

"Do you know what, my problem is I have got no filter. I was being judged because I opened my mouth, but, I don't think many 21/22-year-olds know what Brexit is about," she said.

However, the reality star has since made efforts to educate herself, appearing on BBC lunchtime show, The Daily Politics, alongside former UKIP leader Nigel Farage.

When Brexit was explained to her, Hayley said she found it interesting, but admitted she's still not totally sure about it.

"I have learned about It. I'm still not clued up totally on it," she said.

Hayley was in the Love Island villa for 13 days before she was sent packing with Charlie Frederick.

Although they were matched on the show, they did not get along and Hayley is still open to finding love.

"I'm so busy now with work and things. But when the right person comes along, you know. You get that vibe. I'm still up for dating and things now," she said.

While she found life in the villa stressful at times, she has no regrets about taking part in the show.

"I really enjoyed it and it's an experience I'll take with me for the rest of my life. I've met really good friends for it and I just love them," she said.

Hayley was speaking at the opening of the new Virgin Media Store in the Pavilions Shopping Centre in Swords, Co Dublin. 

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