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'I have to pee' - Alec Baldwin impersonates Donald Trump at New York protest

Alec Baldwin reprised his Donald Trump impersonation at a protest rally in New York on Thursday night.

The Saturday Night Live star was joined by actors Robert de Niro, Sally Field, Mark Ruffalo, filmmaker Michael Moore, singer Cher and New York mayor Bill de Blasio at the rally, as well as several thousand protesters.

Baldwin reprised his famous Saturday Night Live impression of Trump.

"I just want to say, that standing out here in the freezing cold for a long time. I have to pee but I'm holding it in," he said his parodied Trump voice.

He then criticised Trump's cabinet, calling them a "disgrace".

"Donald Trump and Steve Bannon and Mike Pence and all these people that are a part of Trump's administration think you're going to lay down," Baldwin said. "The one thing they don't realise is New Yorkers never lay down.

"Our children are never too young to know what's going on and to to teach them what a real American is. And real Americans want full transparency of their government. These people are a disgrace... but there is hope."

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