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Wednesday 22 January 2020

'I can't wait for the thrill of live TV show' - Mrs Brown's Eilish

Eilish O'Carroll pictured with Brendan O'Carroll
Eilish O'Carroll pictured with Brendan O'Carroll
Melanie Finn

Melanie Finn

Mrs Brown's Boys will record a one-off live special for the BBC in July, the Herald can reveal.

Brendan O'Carroll's hit series will be one of the highlights of the network's summer schedule when it screens the hour-long programme.

The station is looking to replicate the success of the EastEnders 25th anniversary show, which was recorded live and pulled in nearly 19 million viewers.


Eilish O'Carroll etc
Eilish O'Carroll etc

Actress Eilish O'Carroll, who plays Agnes Brown's neighbour Winnie McGoogan, said they were looking forward to the thrill of live TV.

"We're doing a live recording in July for the BBC. They're putting on a comedy festival. Then in October for two weeks we'll be doing the Christmas special," she said.

She's currently gearing up to take to the stage in Elvis is my Daddy alongside Fair City's Clelia Murphy at the Olympia Theatre from May 11.

"I love the smaller theatres. To know that to put your hand out into the darkness and you could actually shake someone's hand is wonderful," she said. "It's very much like standing in front of your family when you were a kid, which I did a lot of, because I guaranteed I was the centre of attention."

She's also gearing up to film the second Mrs Brown's Boys movie, which her brother Brendan is writing.

They filmed some key scenes for the first movie on Dublin's Moore Street - and she hopes the area will be preserved.

"If we lose Moore Street, we lose a very, very important part of Dublin and Dublin's history and I think it would be the saddest thing that could ever happen," she said.


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