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Hunger kicks in for jungle Wombats


Jake Quickenden on I'm a Celebrity

Jake Quickenden on I'm a Celebrity

Jake Quickenden on I'm a Celebrity

Empty bellies are taking their toll on the I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! campmates.

The Galahs and the Wombats went head to head tonight in a Bushtucker Trial worthy of Harry Houdini and his water chamber.

At stake in the all-or-nothing challenge? Dinner for the winning team.

"The Wombats haven't eaten properly for a good few days now. We are starving," Melanie Sykes said.

Competitive Carl "Foggy" Fogarty was the obvious choice for the Wombats, but he turned out to be no match for former X Factor hopeful Jake Quickenden.

At first Quickenden had his regrets: "I'm used to being a Wombat and I know they haven't eaten so it's kind of hard because Foggy and Jimmy are my two best mates in there, so for us to take meals away, it's not nice."

But he quickly added: "I'm absolutely hank. I can't wait to eat."

Fogarty, meanwhile, had a mild case of jungle blues after letting his teammates down.

"I hate coming back and telling the guys I haven't won it, I haven't got the food. But we're fine. We're a team, we stick together and we move on again for another battle," he shrugged.

While the victorious Galahs enjoyed an ostrich egg for dinner, the Wombats went to prepare their tucker only to realise Fogarty had let the side down again by mixing their rations in together.


Jake Quickenden

Jake Quickenden


Jake Quickenden

Sykes explained: "They have different cooking times so between us we had to literally separate the beans from the rice."

Her teammate, former footballer and show favourite Jimmy Bullard, is usually known for his sense of humour.

But tonight he confided things are getting serious in the jungle.

"Hunger's kicking in," he told the Bush Telegraph.

"There's a few proper struggling now. That's why we're gutted, you know. Can you survive? That's what it's come down to. Can you survive?"

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