Thursday 21 November 2019

House of Cards: 8 questions that must be answered in season 3

Kevin Spacey in House of Cards
Kevin Spacey in House of Cards

Christopher Hooton

Netflix dropped the first trailer for House of Cards season 3 during the Golden Globes last night, which sees Frank Underwood finally become the most powerful man in the world.

But given that his closet is bowing at the hinges with skeletons, his time in office is sure to be fraught with the manipulations and double crosses and blackmail we've come to expect from Beau Willimon's wonderfully dense show.

Here's a few questions hanging over from season 2:


1. How will Frank handle Doug's death?


His Chief of Staff didn't die far from the road so his body will surely have been found by the time we pick things back up.

Will the President blame Doug's relapse into alcoholism for him getting mixed up in violence and distance himself from it? Or use his influence to cover it up?


2. Where is Rachel?



She was last seen fleeing after striking Doug with a rock in the season finale, and presumably will seek refuge with Lisa (the girl from the church).

Will Lisa get the truth out of her, and encourage her to go to the press? Or the police?

With her knowledge of Pete Russo's downfall, she's a big threat to the President.


3. Is Claire cracking up?


She was as cold and calculating as her husband for the majority of season 2, perhaps even more so, but (briefly) broke down after realising she'd ruined the life of rape reform campaigner Megan.

The trailer appears to show her in turmoil – guilt growing over the murders she and Frank have committed or permitted.


4. How will Frank reward those that helped him, and punish those that got in his way?


Cathy Durrant and Jackie Sharp can expect promotions, for instance, while Remy Danton backed the wrong horse with Raymond Tusk.

Does PR man Seth have the mettle to take over from Doug as errand boy and enforcer?


5. Can the Underwoods' marriage survive a presidency?


The shot in the trailer of them apart and staring in opposite directions in the presidential state car (above) doesn't bode well.

It's gonna take a lot of freaky three ways with bodyguards to keep their weird relationship functional.


6. Will Hammerschmidt and Skorsky stay silent?


The journalists believe Lucas – who we can consider pretty much f*cked by this point – but do they have the courage to pick his story back up after his imprisonment and revisit Zoe Barnes' death?


7. What role will Putin-but-not-really-Putin play?


'Petrov' features heavily in the trailer, apparently locked in halting negotiations with the President.

Will Frank's tendency towards belligerence get the better of him and plunge the world into war, or can he beat the Russian without him even knowing it like he did Walker?




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