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Great British Bake Off top 5 moments ever from Bingate to Custardgate and THAT squirrel cameo

Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

Let's be honest, the baking is just one of the elements which make the Great British Bake Off so compelling.

In fact, the baking is probably half way down the list of reasons why it's one of the most watched TV shows in the UK.

There's the inimitable Mary Berry, the blue-eyed Paul Hollywood, and the affable Sue Perkins, and there are moments like these five which bring random unbridled joy and passion and uproar to our lives:

The well-endowed squirrel cameo

Dg squirrel.jpg

The series finale in 2011 should have been about the finalists' beautiful bakes and winner Joanne Wheatley but all of that was forgotten when a renegade squirrel appeared on screen.

The squirrel was happily going about its business in the grounds of the mansion where the series is filmed and was likely unaware it had been broadcast into the living rooms of families across Britain and Ireland.

If it had it surely would have crossed its legs to spare us the view of it's rather large set of nuts...

Gifs and videos flooded social media as the viewing public struggled to cope with a flashing squirrel.  Some were up in arms because it had not been edited out.


Paul Hollywood's alleged flirting with 21-year-old ex model Ruby Tandoh

DG ruby 2.jpg
Ruby Tandoh (far left) and Paul Hollywood (far right) on The Great British Bake Off

On the 2013 series viewers felt that then 47-year-old judge Paul Hollywood was sweet on 21-year-old contestant and ex-model Ruby Tamboh.

When he named her 'star baker' one week it was, in some viewers' beady eyes, confirmation of his crush.

Hollywood later denied any flirting and graciously told the Radio Times that she wasn't his "type".

"Personally I think [contestant] Kimberley's far prettier. With all the love in the world, Ruby's not my type," he said, adding, "But she's a great baker, one of the most talented bakers who has walked in that tent."



Mary Berry becomes a fashion icon

Dg mary berry jacket.jpg

Judge Mary Berry is a fan of colour and pattern in fashion as much as baking, and the 79-year-old has become something of a style icon.  This was proven by the fact that when she wore a crane print pink bomber jacket from M&S it sold out within hours.



DG custardgate.jpg

Contestant Howard Middleton suffered the trauma of having his custard stolen.  The theft, however, was accidental as fellow contestant Deborah unwittingly used his lovingly created custard in her trifle.

Although Deboarh came clean and apologised, Howard garnered endless sympathy from the viewers at home who took to Twitter and made 'Poor Howard' trend after the unfortunate event which became known as 'custardgate'.

Middleton later graciously said, “I’m sure one custard is as good as the other” and used Deborah's custard.Presenter Sue Perkins described it as “the most incredible case of baking espionage I’ve ever seen" but Middleton said he "felt so sorry" for Deborah.

At the time of the incident he said he was confused: “I thought, am I losing it? I wondered if I had already got it out of the fridge. But then I saw the custard on Deborah’s table and the penny dropped.”



great british bake off.PNG
Iain Watters claims his pudding has been sabotaged on 'The Great British Bake Off'

Contestant Iain Watters had something of a meltdown on the show last year.  He threw his baked Alaska in the bin in a fit of anger after he realised the ice-cream had melted.

He directed the blame at fellow contestant Diana Beard who he claimed had left his dessert out of the freezer in an act of sabotage.

When he was forced to present his dessert - in the bin - to judges Paul Hollywood and Sue Perkins he was unsurprisingly eliminated from the show.

'Bingate' sparked furore on Twitter given more than 8.5m viewers had tuned in and witnessed the so-called act of sabotage.

Speaking on Newsnight Watters said he did not hold a grudge towards Mrs Beard and that they had spoken earlier.

"I don't hold any grudge, it was more in the heat of the moment.  I was more frustrated, it gets very tense."

Mrs Beard later left the show on health grounds.  However, the BBC said this was not connected to 'bingate'.

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