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Sunday 15 September 2019

'God love me and Marty Morrissey, we dream of being in the middle' - Bernard O’Shea on DWTS

Bernard O'Shea on the Late Late Show. Photo: RTE
Bernard O'Shea on the Late Late Show. Photo: RTE
Broadcaster and Comedian Bernard O’Shea and Valeria Milova during the opening show of RTE’s Dancing with the Stars. kobpix
Broadcaster and Comedian Bernard O’Shea and Valeria Milova during the opening show of RTE’s Dancing with the Stars. kobpix
Bernard O’Shea and Valeria Milova
Bernard O'Shea has joined Dancing with the Stars

Aaron Bowman

2FM Breakfast Republic co-host Bernard O’Shea has said taking part in Dancing with the Stars, saying it is the “best thing I’ve ever done”.

O’Shea revealed he was encouraged to do the show by Breakfast Republic co-star Jennifer Maguire who said he needed “to get out of his comfort zone”.

Though he had warned the showrunners about his inability to dance, it wasn’t until the first night that he felt they understood “he really can’t dance”.

But he said he “is so happy that he has done it”.

O’Shea said it has been great meeting all his fellow contestants including Anna Geary with whom he joked: “It sounds like we are having an affair”.

“I’ve worked in telly for 10 years but this compares to nothing I’ve ever done before”, with the show being O’Shea’s first time using hairspray and glitter.

He said of the last episode that “it took four days to get the eyeliner out of my eyes” after his Pirates of the Caribbean inspired dance, with Geary claiming it was because he had applied extra himself.

When asked about the poor reception he had received from the judges in the first week, having only been awarded two points from Brian Redmond, he said: “God love me and Marty [Morrissey], we dream of being in the middle”.

He said he had spent three weeks practicing his dance only to be told “you’re rubbish” by the judges through their scores.

Geary chatted about her Frozen-inspired dance from the weekend which had earned her the highest score from the weekend.

“You got to be a Disney princess for a night”, she said.

Geary joked the costumes department had to chase her down afterwards because she didn’t want to have to get out of the dress.

Geary and O’Shea said all the contestants support each other through the bad weeks.

Late Late Show Host Ryan Tubridy referenced the lashing Marty Morrissey got from the judges the week before last and how he seemed “really wounded”.

Geary said; “We are all in the same boat, some weeks we don’t have good performances, other weeks we have better, but we are all supporting and roaring each other on”.

Later, professional dancers from the show Karen Byrne and Ryan McShane joined Geary and O’Shea on the couch to discuss their previous dancing partners from last season.

Byrne commented on her great relationship last season with Des Cahill and how they “still are best friends”, and that made her nervous about coming back this year.

She said: “Going into it the second time it can be a bit nerve-racking because you’re hoping that hopefully I get someone I can connect with just as well”.

McShane was asked about his partner for the year Erin McGregor and how that partnership was going.

He would describe her as “a bit of a pocket-rocket” saying you don’t really know what you are going to get from her. In a roundabout analogy he described her as a “kid that you bring to nursery school and you just let them destroy your life”, saying the single biggest demand that was put on him was the demand for time.

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