Thursday 24 October 2019

From Molly-Kate to #lambgate - top 8 moments of The Late Late Show season

Molly-Kate Sloan on The Late Late Show
Molly-Kate Sloan on The Late Late Show
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

We give it a fierce slagging at times, but The Late Late Show provides some of the best moments on Irish TV, intentionally or not. As the series wraps for the summer here are our top eight most memorably moments of the season...

The Toy Show's rapping farmer...

Fionn Molloy (7) from Tullamore talked about fields and animals and then surprised everyone by rapping.  Yep.

...and Lara's My Little Pony song.

Lara (6) from Swords provided one of the highlights of the show when she sang an unscripted song for Tubs.

"My Little Pony, skinny and bony, went to the stable, to die on the table" she sang and Tubs responded with, "It's a little dark. That sets the tone for our encounter!"

A battle of wills ensued when Lara sang 'Let it Go' from Frozen with a singing Elsa doll but refused to give Ryan the microphone.  He tried to wrestle it from her to no avail.

lara from swords.jpg

Unfortunately, Lara's dad later revealed that his innocent daughter had been targeted by trolls online but he insisted they would not let it overshadow the "wonderful" experience.

#lambgate/lamb recipes/lamb births

It was the season of the lambs.

In January some viewers were appalled by a segment involving newly born lambs being tagged on a carousel which had been invented by Galway based entrepreneur TJ Gormley of Cormac Tagging.

They claimed the lambs were "frightened" and "uncomfortable" and it sparked national debate which ranged from farming techniques in general to vegetarianism.

However, Dynamo the lamb was later photographed happy as Larry back on the farm.

Tubs addressed the issue on his radio show and said, "Visually it certainly was very odd looking to city, urban types".

Lamb, in all its incarnations, has featured regularly on the show this season.  On Good Friday Rozanna Purcell appeared to cook lamb (although the segment had been filmed on Thursday, presumably to avoid any backlash), and in April the birth of two lambs was broadcast live on the show.

Bernard O'Shea did the honours and his face said it all:

Homeless women hit back

In March two homeless women appeared on the show to talk about their devastating living conditions, but some viewers were more concerned with how they looked.

Lyndsey Robinson (24) and Erica Fleming (30) were criticised for wearing make-up, fake tan, and generally looking well, comments the women branded "ridiculous".

Lyndsey Robinson on the Late Late Show

“I asked people for advice to see if I should dress-down in jeans and a top. But I wanted to put across a message – people think homeless people are all scruffy, sleeping in a sleeping bag or taking drugs," Lyndsey told the Irish Daily Mail.

"We’re just normal, it’s not like I don’t look after myself.”

Richard Gere serenaded with Up Where We Belong by Irish fans

It was all kinds of cringe to watch but Richard Gere was gracious when two fans serenaded him with the theme song from An Officer And a Gentleman following his interview on the show.

The 66-year-old star was clearly surprised when Tubs said, "We need to have a little fun with our audience.  Would yoyu mind awfully just sitting back and putting up wit or enjoying what we're going to do?"

Gere replied, "Now I can actually walk away if I want to!"

Thankfully he didn't walk away and was treated to the song, which he said was "very sweet" before kissing both the singers.

It was lovely, but still also, cringe.


Dean Dixon (25) from Coolock caused a stir on the Valentine's Special when he bagged himself a date with Kerry girl Amanda in RTE's green room.

However, when the couple returned to the sofa later on in the show Amanda did not seem quite as enamoured as Dean, who said, "We're getting together.  I love her.  I'm feeling exotic and enthusiastic."

The audience and viewers lapped him up, but Deano laster admitted he'd had a few drinks prior to his appearance and could not remember some of the evening.

Coppers lady.png
Amanda was gifted a gold card for Copper Face Jacks after her unsuccessful date on The Late Late Show

"I woke up on Saturday morning and I looked at myself in the mirror and I turned on my phone and I'm not joking, I said, 'What have I done last night?'" he told Breakfast Republic on 2fm.

"Basically I was asked three questions, or two questions, I can't even remember, but I answered the questions well I think and I got selected but I probably made a show of myself in the process.

"It just went a bit mad. I said 'exotic' on national television, and 'enthusiastic'."

Part of the madness involved Dean uttering the f-word.

Linda Martin's Why Me dance remix

"This country is mad!" declared one viewer on Twitter following Linda Martin's recent appearance on the Late Late Show during which she performed a dance remix of her winning Eurovision 1992 song Why Me?.

There was no introduction.  She simply appeared on stage backed by young male dancers and floor to ceiling images of herself in the 90s.  The audience had glow sticks and they were loving it.  Maybe you had to have been there... 

Daniel O'Donnell's biggest fan

It wasn't a guest who impressed the most on the night of February 19, but rather audience member Molly Kate Sloyan who, thinking her idol Daniel O'Donnell had arrived on stage, leapt from her seat in unbridled excitement.

However, her face when she realised it was not wee Daniel but rather imposter/impersonator Mario Rosenstock was a picture and her reaction went viral.

Speaking to the Irish Daily Mail, she said, "I had no idea the cameras were on me during the Late Late Show and I've no filter on my face, all my friends know that, so afterwards they gave me a fierce slagging.

"I genuinely had no clue until after the show that I appeared on screen until we were out in Lillie's Bordello and people were saying they'd seen me."

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