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Saturday 20 July 2019

Five of our favourite RTE childhood memories

The Den Christmas Crisis
The Den Christmas Crisis
The team: Ray D'Arcy and Zig and Zag
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With the news that RTE is to outsource all its young people's programming, we look back at five of our fondest childhood TV memoires.

1. "Where d'ya get your shades?"

Kevin from Galway couldn't quite get to grip with What's Snots quiz on The Den. The concept of the quiz required two children to ask questions of Snotser the Puppet in order to identify what person, place or object he was trying to represent. Kevin went up against Amy from Cavan but as soon as he uttered the immortal words "Where d'ya get your shades?" we knew it was game over.

2. When Bosco was tucked up in bed


There were rare moments when you'd catch a glimpse of Bosco at home in his box. It was even better than the Magic Door. It was like an early 90's version of MTV Cribs. The wonder of being invited into his personal space. Seeing his wee bed and bookshelves was a rare and comforting moment.

2. Wanderly Wagon

The late Eugene Lambert in 'Wanderly Wagon' in 1977 along with his dog 'Judge' and grandmother played by Nora O'Mahoney Credit: Photo: courtesy RTE archives

Your parents' favourite. It always comes up through nostalgic, sherry-soaked tears at Christmas: "Ah, I feel sorry for today's kids who were deprived of the classics," they tut-tut as you drown in back-to-back episodes of Teen Mom OG.

3. Fade Street

The Americans had the The Hills but we had Fade Street. It was full of glossy manes, evil side-eyes, catty pouts and trendy shots of Dublin 2 set to 'fashion music'. But its most iconic offering was the modern-day Cinderalla tale of "Who Shall go to Oxegen?"

4. Morbegs

Gay Byrne with The Morbegs on 'Late Late' toy show (1996)

RTE had an obsession with aliens in the 90's. We don't know if Morbegland orbited anywhere near Planet Zog (the home of Zig and Zag) but either way, both species of puppets made their way to Ireland. It was safe TV. Nothing ever went wrong in Morbegland. It was bright. It was colourful. But it was also pretty psychedlic.

2. The Den 'Christmas Crisis'

It wasn't Christmas until you were treated to The Den's festive feature. The one-off specials usually involved a trip to Lapland to meet Santa Claus but trouble always followed the gang (Ray D'Arcy and Zig and Zag) in the form of the terror twins: Podge and Rodge. In 1992's Christmas Crisis, Podge featured as evil Postman Patrick. The scheming puppet swiped Ray's Scent of a Man cologne and damaged his Pierre du Plonk clock in order to frame Zig... so that Santa would put him on the naughty list and leave him without toys on Christmas Day. The b***ard!

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