Sunday 8 December 2019

Film Highlights Thursday

About time (2013)


Sky Movies Premiere, 8pm

Richard Curtis's slushy but enjoyable romantic fantasy stars Domhnall Gleeson as Tim, a lanky, likeable young man who's hopelessly awkward around women. He's been unlucky in love until his father (Bill Nighy) tells him about a bizarre family secret. The men in Tim's family have always had the ability to travel back in time: by standing in a quiet place and concentrating hard, they can magic themselves back to earlier parts of their lives and even change aspects that didn't appeal to them. Naturally enough, Tim is sceptical, but when he repairs to the nearest wardrobe and squeezes his fists hard, he emerges to find he's leapt back to a party held two weeks earlier. Rachel McAdams plays the object of Tim's affections, and Gleeson is excellent in a demanding central role.

the ladykillers (1955)


Film Four, 5pm

This classic Ealing comedy stars Alec Guinness as 'Professor' Marcus, the leader of a group of salty London criminals who rent rooms at a boarding house run by a sweet old lady called Mrs Wilberforce and pose as musicians but are really planning an ambitious bank job. With Peter Sellers.

One Fine day (1996)


Sky Living, 9pm

George Clooney and Michelle Pfeiffer star in this romantic comedy about two New York single parents who are thrown together by fate. When Jack Taylor and Melanie Parker fail to get their kids to school on time, they have to spend the day together, and fall in love. With Charles Durning.

knowing (2009)


Sky Living, 9pm

This outlandish science-fiction thriller stars Nicholas Cage as an astrophysicist at MIT who is baffled when he is sent a note buried in a school time capsule in 1959 that appears to predict the 9/11 attacks and an impending global disaster.

She's out of my league (2010)


RTE 2, 9.25pm

In this modestly original rom com, Canadian comic actor Jay Baruchel plays Kirk, an affable young man who's working as a security man in Pittsburgh Airport when he meets a stunningly beautiful woman called Molly (Alice Eve). They begin seeing each other, but Kirk can't work out why someone so pretty would be interested in him.

Thunderheart (1992)


TCM, 11.15pm

Drama based on the armed stand-off between federal agents and members of the American Indian Movement in the spring of 1973. Val Kilmer stars as a part-Lakota FBI operative who finds his loyalties conflicted when he is sent on a covert mission. With Sam Shepard and Fred Ward.

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