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Saturday 19 October 2019

Film Highlights Saturday

the hangover part III


Sky Movies Comedy, 11.40pm

The third part of Todd Phillips' hugely successful comedy series is nothing like as bad as its immediate predecessor, but as anyone who saw Hangover II will know, that's not much to boast about. After Alan (Zach Galifianakis) buys a giraffe and causes a 20-car pile-up while trying to bring it home, his poor father dies of shock. At the funeral, Phil, Doug and Stu find out that Alan is off his meds and decide to stage an intervention. They're driving him to Arizona for an extended stay at a rehab facility when the demented criminal Leslie Chow resurfaces, bringing with him a world of trouble. Their trip takes them back to their very first night out together, and the drug deal that went wrong, in the Texan desert. Hangover III has more of a heart than the first two films, and there are some nice moments along the way just to provide everything. Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Ken Jeong star.

rio (2011)


RTE1, 6.35pm

In this bright and breezy animation from the people that brought you Ice Age, a domesticated Blue Macaw called Blu gets into all sorts of trouble when he's taken back to Brazil for a breeding experiment and is accidentally released into the wild. With the voice of Jesse Eisenberg.

knight and day (2010)


Channel 4, 9pm

Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz star in this contrived but surprisingly entertaining action thriller. Diaz is an ordinary gal on the way to her sister's wedding in Boston when she bumps into a charming stranger who turns out to be a rogue FBI agent with the whole world on his tail.

The shIpping news (2001)


BBC2, 10pm

Kevin Spacey stars in this handsome-looking but rather staid adaptation of Annie Proulx's award-winning novel. Spacey is Quoyle, a New York hotshot who repairs in some confusion to his ancestral home on the coast of Newfoundland after the tragic death of his estranged wife.

husband and wives (1992)


TG4, 10.40pm

In Woody Allen's edgy and brilliant comedy of manners, a pair of New York couples react very differently as their relationships begin to collapse. The late Sydney Pollack plays a middle-aged man who falls for a much younger woman, who co-stars alongside Liam Neeson.

Rushmore (1998)


Channel 4, 12.55am

Wes Anderson's charming comic drama stars a young Jason Schwartzman as Max Fischer, a precocious 15-year-old student at an exclusive private school who develops a deadly rival with another boy's father when they fall in love with the same teacher. Cast includes Bill Murray.

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