Wednesday 23 October 2019

Fair City Christmas special: domestic disputes and two shock kisses

Paul and Hayley kiss in the Fair City Christmas Day episode
Paul and Hayley kiss in the Fair City Christmas Day episode
Eimear Rabbitte

Eimear Rabbitte

Domestic disputes and two shock kisses: it all kicked off in the Fair City Christmas special.

The festive spirit was lost on some of the Carrigstown residents, with relations between estranged couple Caoimhe and Damien reaching breaking point.

Meanwhile, married man Robbie was racked with guilt after locking lips with his ex, Aoife.

Robbie’s other half, Carol, was put out when he decided to invite Aoife and daughter Karen to spend Christmas Day with them.

Nora advised Carol not to let her imagination run away with her.

Aoife was taken aback by Dan who told her he wants to get to know Karen, who learned recently that she is his daughter, following his rape of Aoife.

Aoife confided in Robbie and, in an emotional moment, kissed him.

It was not the only shock kiss in the festive special, with Carrigstown lothario Paul reigniting passion with old flame Hayley.

The pair share a thorny history: Hayley was Paul’s mistress for months behind the back of his wife Niamh.

After finding out about her husband’s latest indiscretion, Niamh embarked on a plot to get revenge on her man by fleecing him of all his money.

Niamh has since left Carrigstown, leaving cheating Paul heartbroken.

He was looking forward to Christmas Day dinner as he was expecting Niamh to return to spend it with him.  But he was stunned to find Niamh wasn’t coming home for Christmas.

Blonde bombshell Hayley turned up at Paul’s house later and the two ended up sharing a kiss.

Meanwhile, relations between former couple Caoimhe and Damien hit an all-time low as Caoimhe angrily told her ex he will never see their daughter Saoirse again after Caoimhe turned up to collect Saoirse only to to find her and Damien were not there.

The day did bring good tidings for some Carrigstown residents aft er Bob decided to propose to Renee over Christmas dinner. The proposal didn’t go to plan and Hayley ended up with Renee’s engagement ring after pulling a Christmas cracker meant for Renee.  Bob eventually got the ring back to give to a delighted Renee who accepted his proposal.

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