Thursday 14 November 2019

'Fair bet Ciaran will be back after Christmas' - Fair City star Johnny Ward

Johnny Ward making a return to Fair City
Johnny Ward making a return to Fair City

Sean O'Grady

Fair City's Katy O'Brien will have to sleep with one eye open after actor Johnny Ward hinted that his psycho character Ciaran could return to Carrigstown after Christmas

When viewers last saw him, the demented kidnapper fell off a pier and vanished without a trace, but Johnny insisted that Ciaran could in fact return from the grave like EastEnders' Dirty Den, who was presumed dead for 14 years.

Ciaran (Johnny Ward) and Katy (Amilia Clarke Stewart ) say one final and bitter farewell in ‘Fair City’
Ciaran (Johnny Ward) and Katy (Amilia Clarke Stewart ) say one final and bitter farewell in ‘Fair City’

"I think he will [come back]. I don't know for sure. I think now it would be a mistake personally for the Fair City writers to bring him back too soon. It's definitely going to be after Christmas," he said.

Fans watched as Ciaran jumped into the sea with a gunshot wound after Katy's escape, but Johnny believes it's not the end of him.

"Fingers crossed I come back, I want to come back. I love it in there. It's like a family," he said.

The kidnapping storyline was one of the longest-running plots on the soap, with Katy kept prisoner for 13 months.

Some fans eventually grew frustrated with the seemingly never-ending plot, with a petition to free the kidnapped teenager garnering more than 8,000 signatures.

The Dubliner took a holiday at the end of the gruelling storyline and praised his co-stars Amilia Clarke Stewart (Katy) and Daithi MacSuibhne (Emmet) for their work.

Ciaran and Katy in Fair City
Ciaran and Katy in Fair City

"With the Katy storyline, there was 57 scenes in four days and they're not just walking into Phelan's and saying, 'Hi, how are ya?'.

"They were really intense scenes. I give credit to the other actors as well.

"There was a lot of dialogue and it was very tough to switch off from.

"I enjoyed the break and I went on holiday but I just want to get back into the swing of things because otherwise I'll just go crazy," he told the Herald. Johnny's portrayal of the crazed abductor has been so convincing that fans have hurled insults at him in the street.

"I still get recognised constantly, getting hit with handbags," he said.

"Even today, someone called me a scumbag.

"An old woman walking her dog said, 'You scumbag, what you did to that girl was disgraceful'.

"I'm still getting the recognition, which is great."

Johnny has been a loyal viewer of the soap for years as his niece Susie Power is also a member of the cast.

"I always did watch it because my niece is in it, she plays Ellie. You get hooked into it.

"It was great because I got to do a lot of work with her on Fair City as well," he said.

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