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#EELive: 10 reasons why you have to feel sorry for Eastenders' Jane Beale

EastEnders: Jane and Ian on their wedding day. Ian Beale (ADAM WOODYATT), Jane Beale (LAURIE BRETT) - (C) BBC - Photographer: Jack Barnes
EastEnders: Jane and Ian on their wedding day. Ian Beale (ADAM WOODYATT), Jane Beale (LAURIE BRETT) - (C) BBC - Photographer: Jack Barnes
Jane Beale and Grant Mitchell
Ian Beale humilates wife Jane on their first wedding day
Ian comforts daughter Lucy
Ian tells a devastated Cindy and Bobby about Lucy. Jane Beale (LAURIE BRETT), Cindy Williams (MIMI KEENE), Bobby Beale (RORY STROUD), Ian Beale (ADAM WOODYATT) - (C) BBC - Photographer: Jack Barnes
Ian and Jane Beale
Ian and Jane Beale
Stephen Wicks ( evil stepson)
Jane and Masood
Jane Beale Newsdesk Newsdesk

Jane Beale, played by Laurie Brett, has been on our screens for the past ten years playing the dependable matriarch.

She first appeared in Albert Square as Jane Collins on June 22, 2004. And her life has been a rollercoaster ever since. We love Jane, but she's one of the soap's ultimate tragic characters - and she's facing into a whole other world of pain following last night's revelation that she was covering for young stepson Bobby who killed his older sister Lucy.

Here are the ten reasons why you could only ever feel sorry for Jane Beale...

1. She lost her first husband to Huntington's Disease.

Jane Beale and Grant Mitchell
Jane Beale and Grant Mitchell

We knew Jane was a good 'un the minute we saw her in Albert Square back in June 2004. She was working on a candy floss stall and got into an argument with local entrepreneur Ian Beale. The funfair collapsed and she helped Ian. They became friends and she revealed that her husband David Collins was in a hospice with Huntington's Disease. He died shortly afterwards.

2. She starts dating Ian Beale.

No matter how much hope we had for the pair of them, we knew it would eventually end in tears. After Colin died, Ian and Jane's friendship deepened and the pair eventually began dating.

Jane moved into Ian's home and became loving stepmother to twins Peter and Lucy, his children with first wife Cindy Beale, and toddler son Bobby, his son with third wife Laura Beale. (Melanie Owen was Ian's second wife - the marriage was short-lived though as Melanie was in love with Steve Owen, but Ian lied about daughter Lucy being seriously ill to get Mel to marry him. Melanie found out the truth on their wedding day after they exchanged vows and swiftly left him)

3. Jane slept with Grant Mitchell

Millions of women everywhere whooped for Jane as she got it on with Grant Mitchell. Their unlikely tryst developed after Jane intervened in an ongoing row between Grant's brother Phil and her then fiance Ian.

Ian Beale humilates wife Jane on their first wedding day
Ian Beale humilates wife Jane on their first wedding day

Grant and Jane kissed, and Jane pulled away and told Grant she did not love him.

After an argument with Ian, she went back to Grant and had sex with him. Ultimately, she stayed with Ian and Grant high-tailed it out of Walford. However, Phil told Ian.

Ian then decided to propose to Jane and she accepted - however, he planned to humiliate her on their big day which leads us to....

4. Ian humiliates Jane on their wedding day

Who can forget Jane in her mud-covered wedding dress in the lashings of rain telling Ian she loved him after he told her he knew about Grant?

She had learned about Ian's plans to humiliate her on her wedding day and disappeared. Ian finds her and they have a volcanic argument - but ultimately the pair realise they love each other. They subsequently wed in secret.

Stephen Wicks ( evil stepson)
Stephen Wicks ( evil stepson)

5. Jane yearns for her own child but fate is about to step in

We all know that Jane is a wonderful stepmum but Ian is hesitant about them having their own child.

However, the pair unite following another disastrous event.

Ian comforts daughter Lucy
Ian comforts daughter Lucy

Ian's stepson Stephen - first wife Cindy Beale's son with Ian's half brother Wicksy - comes back to the square after living for a few years with his birth father in New Zealand.

Ian was a good father to Stephen while he lived in the Square but when he came back, it was clear the now teenage Stephen had some serious problems.

He takes Ian hostage and holds him in a flat. The family eventually learn what happened to him and rescue him. But Jane is shot in the abdomen in the process.

As she lies injured in the hospital, Ian promises his wife Jane that they will definitely try for a baby but Jane has to undergo an emergency hysterectomy, leaving them devastated.

6. Jane's failed comedy career

Jane tells Ian she's going to the gym - and she's going regularly. Given this man's history with previous wives, he is suspicious.

Jane and Masood
Jane and Masood

He follows her one night to a comedy club and is shocked to see talented Jane doing stand-up.

She has the crowed in stitches as she jokes about her husband and their sex life.

Ian is hurt - and gives her an ultimatum. End her hobby or their marriage is over.

But then a talent scout intervenes and wants to sign Jane up - she is then shocked by her husband's insistence that he manage her blossoming comedy career. His interfering take the fun out of it for Jane - and so she hangs her mic up for good. Such a shame....

7. Jane's adoption heartache

The Masoods and Beales go into business together and Jane enjoys an increasingly flirtatious relationship with the lovely and equally put-upon Masood.

Jane Beale
Jane Beale

Their feelings for each other deepen - and the pair share a kiss one night.

It happens as she is discussing the issue of adoption with Ian, which he is refusing.

Jane flees after her kiss with Masood and is tracked down by Ian who tells her he supports her in adopting a child. Jane sees this as a ploy to win her back and refuses to go back home to Ian.

In the end Bobby (yes - even back then he was trouble) goes missing and Jane heads to back to Albert Square.

But there's much worse to come - Ian becomes implicated in Archie Mitchell's murder. It happens after a tape emerges of Ian having sex with Janine Butcher and Janine is blackmailing him. The tape was on Archie's laptop - which Ian stole in a bid to erase it.

Ian is subsequently cleared of killing Archie - that honour went to Stacey Slater.

However, his involvement in the investigations hampers any chance Ian and Jane have of adopting children together.

Ian Beale, played by Adam Woodyatt, asks his wife Jane, played by Laurie Brett, what happened when his daughter Lucy died during tonight's episode of the BBC One soap EastEnders
Ian Beale, played by Adam Woodyatt, asks his wife Jane, played by Laurie Brett, what happened when his daughter Lucy died during tonight's episode of the BBC One soap EastEnders
There was a red herring moment during the episode which appeared to suggest that Jane Beale may have been responsible for Lucy's death (BBC/PA)

8. Lucy's abortion leads to more heartache for Jane

At this stage, little Lucy Beale is already an unruly teen.

Jane learns that Lucy is pregnant and urges her to consider an abortion given her young age.

However, Lucy loves Jane and she believes that giving her baby to Jane and Ian to bring up as their own will make all her dreams come true.

Jane agrees but Ian worries that they are taking advantage of the situation and his teenage daughter becomes more fretful as she realises what lies ahead.

With her father's help, she has an abortion and Ian tells his wife Lucy miscarried.

Jane goes to visit her mum in Florida - but when she returns, the family learns there are inconsistencies in the twins' exam results.

Jane finds out that her husband lied about Lucy's miscarriage and knew she was going to cheat in her exams.

She tells Ian she no longer wants to go through the adoption process with him. Ian then says she can adopt Bobby - he famously wrapped up in a giant novely bow tie for the 'big reveal' to Jane.

Jane agrees to adopt Bobby - as she knows she can fight for access to him in the future.

Meanwhile Masood and Jane are falling for each other - regularly providing each other with a shoulder to cry on.

They decide to go to a hotel one night to consummate their relationship - but pull away and decide to remain friends.

9. Ian tells Jane he slept with Ronnie and Roxie Mitchell's mum

Jane and Ian reconcile after her almost affair with Masood.

But then Ian admits to having sex with Glenda Mitchell.

Jane wants to end their relationship, but they continue to live with each other with Ian confident he'll win her back.

Their relationship continues on its rocky path culminating in an argument in which Ian said Jane was "a prostitute disguised as a wife". Jane files for divorce and later it becomes official.

There is still a frisson between Jane and Masood - the pair deeply care for each other but decide to end it as Masood still has feelings for wife Zainab, who is now married to evil Yusef (Masood later saves Zainab's life). They agree, once again, to remain as friends.

Jane gets a job offer in Cardiff and decides to start afresh - Peter, Lucy and Bobby continue to remain in touch with the woman they've always felt is their mum.

10: Jane's role in Lucy's death

Last night, we saw Jane in the flashback episode as someone who cared deeply for troubled Lucy and tried to reach out to her. On the night she died, Jane told Lucy again she was there for her and argued with Masood over her feelings for her troubled stepdaughter.

Jane ran out of the house when Bobby called, and her shock and sadness at seeing Lucy lying lifeless on the floor was palpable. She was upset and grief-stricken when she turned around to see Bobby, now aged 11, with the jewellery box admitting he hit Lucy because "she makes everyone unhappy".

We know Jane didn't do it, but if she continues on this path, we know it is highly likely she will take the fall for Bobby's actions as she loves him deeply.

Even if she does come clean about what really happened, it's clear Jane was involved in moving Lucy's body from the Beale home (well Bobby couldn't do it). And if so, did she have any help?

Also why didn't anybody else in the Beale household hear anything?

And finally, did Jane kill DCI Emma Summerhayes? It's been speculated that Lucy's killer killed the former policewoman and Max's new woman. But we don't think it was Bobby? Was it Jane? If it was, then she really is a killer. This is what marrying Ian Beale can do to a woman.

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