Sunday 26 January 2020

Davy Fitzgerald reveals truth behind 'Gift Grub' skit

Mario Rosenstock and Davy Fitzgerald
Mario Rosenstock and Davy Fitzgerald

Allison Bray

It may have taken over two months to form the government, but for comedian Mario Rosenstock it was well worth the wait.

The members of the 32nd Dail have provided Mario with a rich cast of new characters to lampoon.

While the Gift Grub presenter laments the "loss" of Joan Burton, who stepped down as Labour Party leader in May, the new minority government has provided plenty of comedic inspiration. "It's a golden period," he said.

In one sketch, Mario has Sports Minister Shane Ross and shamed Olympic Council of Ireland president Pat Hickey going on a date. Ross describes it as a train wreck, but Hickey "thought it went very well".

Clare GAA hurling manager Davy Fitzgerald, who also attended the event at the Harold's Cross Hospice yesterday, said Mario had him in stitches when he uncannily portrayed him sleeping with the Liam McCarthy trophy - which he actually did.

"It was when we won the All-Ireland in 2013 and he had a picture of me with the cup in bed and he was right - except he was only guessing.

"I was laughing myself because it was around the time that I did it for the craic myself at home, just messing. No one knew it bar myself," he said.

He said he has also forgiven Mario for his unflattering portrayal of him as an explosive hothead with a helium voice, who he once referred to as a "Smurf version of Roy Keane".

"He's here and I can't wait to get my hands on him," he joked.

He admitted he doesn't tune into Mario's radio show very often because "it's very hard when it's you and someone is taking you off".

But he said it doesn't bother him that much anymore.

"It's a bit of fun. It's good craic," he added.

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