Tuesday 24 October 2017

Dancing Des: I'm sick of being the joke contestant

Des Cahill and Karen Byrne pictured during rehearsals for Dancing With The Stars Picture: Steve Humphreys
Des Cahill and Karen Byrne pictured during rehearsals for Dancing With The Stars Picture: Steve Humphreys

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He was trending on social media following his groovy 'Dessie Swim' on last weekend's 'Dancing with the Stars', but Des Cahill is keen to be taken seriously.

Speaking to the Irish Independent, the 63-year-old 'Sunday Game' host admitted that hectic work commitments have meant his rehearsal time for the series has been affected.

But he added he was still keen to remain on the series for as long as possible. "I'm really enjoying it," he said.

"I don't want to go out. Beforehand, I would have said 'If I get through the first week, I'll be happy', but now I want to stay in. I've been kind of a joke figure for the last couple of performances, to be honest."

Following the furore he caused with last week's saucy routine, how did his kids feel about all the attention being thrust upon their dad?

"My son text me from Rome and said 'You have lost all your dignity, you can do what you like for the rest of your life now'.

"I think they are amused by it all," he laughed.

Working on 'Morning Ireland' and 'Sunday Sport' has meant that Des has had to fit rehearsals around work. And the hectic schedule has been affecting the Dubliner's sleep.

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"I'm finding it hard timewise with work to be honest," he said. "This morning I was in work at 5.30 and then combining that with rehearsing. I didn't realise there would be so much with filming and press and there's no time to rehearse the dance.

"I'm loving it, but the one downside is combining work. I've a really busy Saturday sport programme with the Six Nations and the GAA and then straight out to rehearsals, so it's a bit mad."

This weekend will see Des and partner Karen Byrne take on the tango and he's surprisingly at ease with the moves. He's also enjoying a new level of fitness since taking on the show and although he hasn't weighed himself, his trousers have needed to be taken in.

"The fitness levels are definitely getting better, it's the lack of sleep that will kill me."

But while Cahill is feeling fitter, some of the other dancers are struggling with sickness.

Judge Julian Benson last night pulled out of his scheduled appearance on 'The Late Late Show' due to illness.

Ryan McShane, who is the dance partner to show favourite, actress Denise McCormack, was brought to A&E earlier this week with a bout of severe tonsillitis.

Kai Widdrington, who is partner to comedian Katherine Lynch, is also sick.

'Dancing with the Stars' is on RTÉ One tomorrow at 6.30pm

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