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Coolaboola! Sixth series of RTE's 'Love/Hate' could be on cards


Tom Vaughan-Lawlor as Nidge

Tom Vaughan-Lawlor as Nidge

Tom Vaughan-Lawlor as Nidge

RTE's hugely popular gangland drama, Love/Hate, may be extended for a sixth season, the show's leading star has hinted.

Actor Tom Vaughan-Lawlor, who plays ruthless gang boss Nidge, confirmed the show's imminent return and revealed creator Stuart Carolan is already thinking ahead.

"I don't know yet, Stuart has been talking of a sixth series," the actor said on the Late Late Show.

"We'll have to see how this one goes and we'll all sit down and see if the numbers are there and if the appetite is there to keep the story going."

He confirmed the fifth series of the crime drama will return in two weeks' time.

"I've been given the responsibility to announce that it's October 5 that it's coming back," Vaughan-Lawlor said.

Speaking on the charisma of his manipulating character, Mr Vaughan-Lawlor said he enjoyed the challenge of playing a man who lives a life of crime, but who is also a father and husband living a middle-class life in Dublin.

"I think for all his black soul, there are streams in his character of humanity that come through, it doesn't make him redeemable but makes him fascinating and human. The character progresses as a man who is a master at repressing emotions, he is repressing dead souls that he is carrying around with him," he said, adding his wife Claire gives him a cup of tea to relax after a day playing Nidge.

When asked about the danger of glamorising violence and gangland behaviour for the silver screen, the actor added: "To glamorise violence you have to depict it without consequence, the psychology and the emotional landscape of the show is about cost, the cost to communities, and the cost to families and to individual souls."

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