Friday 23 February 2018

Christmas soaps - all the drama and explosive hi-jinks to expect this festive season

Eastenders, Emmerdale, Coronation Street, Hollyoaks, Fair City, Red Rock

Anna and Kevin in Coronation Street
Anna and Kevin in Coronation Street

Tanya Sweeney

‘Tis the season for high drama, and it really wouldn’t be Christmas without some manner of explosive hi-jinks in Soapland. When it comes to pulling out all the festive stops, script editors on all the major players are only too happy to oblige. Expect spoilers galore ahead…


Walford is the backdrop to nasty goings on, and one Eastenders character will don a festive paper crown for the last time. Expect one of the square’s most traumatic Christmases yet as an epic car crash underpins the Christmas day action.

The ongoing feud between the Mitchells and the Hubbards has been simmering for some time, and reaches a climax over Christmas when Sharon threatens to shop murderous youngster Bobby to the police. He runs into the woods with Sharon’s son Denny… no good can come of that, predictably.

stacey 2.jpg
Stacey Branning, played by Lacey Turner, will suffer from postpartum psychosis

There are also shocking scenes as Stacey gives birth, fittingly enough, during a nativity play.

She’s even more surprised to find Kat arriving back on the square for Christmas, with Alfie and the twins hot on her (probably very high) heels. Whether they’re here for the Christmas season or longer remains anyone’s guess.

Yet, it’s not all doom and gloom in E20, Mick surprises Linda with the perfect Christmas gift: a wedding dress. Getting married is something they’ve dreamed of since they were kids. But, it being Soapland, things are rarely  straightforward and Dean decides this is the perfect moment at which to exact revenge.

Jane in Eastenders



Over in the dales, it becomes all too apparent that Ashley’s dementia is set to wreak havoc on his life. In highly emotional scenes, he decides to rekindle his romance with former wife Laurel and tells her that they have little time to lose (never mind the small matter of Harriet and the kids).

Aaron is also about to have a memorable Christmas when his dad Gordon unexpectedly shows up and offers to help him out financially so that he can buy

Diane’s share of the Woolpack pub. Sounds like a dream scenario, but for reasons best known to himself, he leaps into a car with Ross to escape his dad. Between the jigs and the reels, he ends up acting as lookout for Ross during a warehouse raid. Pretty soon, the pair are in trouble, but worse is yet to come for Ross as during the warehouse raid, Detective Hart finds evidence that links him to Robert Sugden’s shooting.

Chas is having a slightly better time of it, bumping into her ex-husband and having a somewhat emotional reunion.

Over at the Dingles’, Christmas dinner turns slightly eventful when Zak realises that Belle knows something is going on between him and Joanie. Oh dear.



It’s pretty eventful on the cobbles, what with not one but two newly-engaged couples. Tyrone pops the question to Fiz, while Robert also drops to one knee in the Rovers in front of Tracy.

Yet, Tyrone is some way off a happy ever after when Kevin catches him dipping into the funds over at the garage. Awks.

A cooking cock-up means that Sophie and Kevin are forced to spend Christmas with Sally and Tim, who were looking forward to their first Christmas together.

Anna and Kevin in Coronation Street

It’s not long before they’re joined by Anna and Faye too… and amid the chaos of Christmas dinner, an opportunity presents itself under the mistletoe for Kevin and Anna.

It also looks as though it may be time to bid a farewell to yet another Corrie favourite; Emily Bishop is cooking up plans to move to Peru, where she wants to work with her nephew in a local orphanage.

What will Norris say? (Quite a lot, probably).



Expect Cheshire-based explosions aplenty of the literal and metaphorical kind. Reenie and Porsche learn that Porsche has been left a large sum of money in a will.

It leads to a massive blow-out, which culminates in the two of them being locked in a wardrobe by Myra until they can settle their differences. It soon becomes evident that Reenie is headed for prison, but Porsche has one last sisterly act up her sleeve.

Cameron follows Ziggy to Leela’s flat; Ziggy wakes Leela up and the pair realise that they are trapped in the flat.

They start to smell gas, and a huge explosion leaves them hospitalised. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Cameron has had a hand in it; will he leave or go to the police?

Meanwhile, Maxine, Sienna, Nico and Patrick are getting ready for a vow renewal ceremony. Yet it looks like it’ll be another tearjerker; Patrick tells Maxine that he wants to die right after the ceremony… and that he wants her help with the deed.



There’s an important homecoming or two happening in Carrigstown.

Caoimhe is putting a dastardly 2015 behind her, and she is somewhat perturbed to find Tommy actually excited for Christmas.

It turns out he is aware that Neasa is planning to drop in. Fresh from the US, Neasa flirts with Damien, despite having a new boyfriend back in the US.

Tommy does a little investigating online on the new guy and — surprise surprise — all is not what it seems.

Eoghan discovers that Emmet has spent the last three months in Bangkok.

It turns out that Emmet was also aware that Michael had died, but never bothered to get in touch.



Predictably, Darren’s absence looms large in the Kiely household, and Michael is preparing to spend his first Christmas behind bars. But with Vincent hell-bent on exacting revenge for his murdered son, Michael finds himself staring down the barrel of a gun first.

There are happier goings on when Katie gives birth to a healthy baby boy and Claire is finally pregnant with the baby she has longed for.

But the good vibes are short-lived and in true festive tradition, the dead body of a well-known Red Rock resident turns up. It almost looks like the perfect murder — the perpetrator has taken great care to cover their tracks. Sadly, there’s the small matter of CCTV footage, and a witness…

red rock.jpg
Katie in Red Rock


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