Thursday 23 January 2020

Children from famous Britain's Got Talent choir tell of their 'unforgettable' experience

Daniel O'Connor

The children of the now-famous St Patrick’s Primary School Choir have described the “unforgettable” experience of performing at the Britain’s Got Talent semi-final.

While they failed to reach competition final, the children from Drumgreenagh, Co. Down have since become internet sensations for their appearances on the show.

Their choral versions of Keane’s ‘Somewhere Only We Know’ and Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’ have left them in demand for concerts around the country, as well as attracting messages of support from around the world.

Speaking to, some of the students told about how surprised they were to get to the semi-finals, and how they enjoyed the experience.

“Being on Britain’s Got Talent was a remarkable experience to say the least,” John Paul McGreevey said.

“Everything was just so big and bright. To be in such a big, global competition when we’re from such a rural and quiet area, it’s just such a change in scenery and it was fantastic.”

Another member, Rachel McShane said: “It was a great experience because we’re just ordinary kids from an ordinary town and you’d never expect this school just to go on that show because it’s just so big.”

“They (the judges and Ant and Dec) were really funny, and Simon Cowell isn’t as mean as I thought he was.”

School principal Sorcha Lyness and musical director Patricia McCaughey have also sang the praises of their students for their success.

“It has been the most phenomenal experience ever,” Lyness said,

“The publicity the school has gained on social media has been wonderful. We’ve had lots of messages of support from all around the world who want to express how proud they are of our children, and we can’t put into words how proud we are of them.”

“They’ve become great friends. They have great fun when they’re rehearsing but they work hard,” McCaughey added.

“We choose the songs together, we do the upbeat numbers but they enjoy the softer ones as well. They’re a very special group of children.”

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