Tuesday 23 July 2019

Charlie: Terry Keane's family refused to watch RTE drama - son-in-law Diarmuid Gavin

Terry Keane with Charles Haughey. (Inset) Diarmuid Gavin, who says she was remarkable woman.
Terry Keane with Charles Haughey. (Inset) Diarmuid Gavin, who says she was remarkable woman.
Louise Kelly

Louise Kelly

The family of Terry Keane didn't watch the RTE drama based on the life of Charles Haughey, according to her son-in-law Diarmuid Gavin.

Celebrity gardener Gavin said he ws unhappy about the depiction of his "highly cultured" mother-in-law, who had a 27-year love affair with the former Taoiseach.

 "We didn't watch it because whoever was writing, or acting, or filming, or directing, didn't know Terry," the 50-year-old told the Marty Morrissey Show on RTE Radio 1 earlier today.

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"We know Terry and she was a wonderful Mum, a dearly missed granny and an incredible help to me and that's how I will remember her."

Gavin, who is married to Keane’s daughter Justine, said that the Irish journalist was "an extraordinary influence" on his life.

Terry Keane and Charles Haughey
Terry Keane and Charles Haughey

"She didn't care for pompous people, she liked creative, artistic people and she was always there to give a hand out. She was remarkable," he said.

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"[But]Terry was a prominent individual and she was a part of Irish life when Irish life was changing"

Terry Keane died in 2008 after a long illness, survived by her daughters Jane, Madeleine and Justine.

 Earlier this week, Haughey's son Sean slammed the three-week drama, claiming the show didn't capture the essence of the man he knew.

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He also hit out at the portrayal of his father’s affair with Terry Keane.

"The main shock was the prominence given to Terry Keane and the pillow talk scenes. That was a bit of a shock," he told RTE’ Joe Duffy on Liveline. 

“I think it could have been dealt with much more sensitively,” Mr Haughey added, insisting that Ms Keane’s influence on his father was overstated.

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