Monday 23 October 2017

Captor of Fair City's Katy finally set to be revealed

The five suspects with kidnap victim Katy O'Brien
The five suspects with kidnap victim Katy O'Brien
Melanie Finn

Melanie Finn

It's a case of 'whodunnit' in Carrigstown this weekend as Fair City viewers' imaginations are sent into overdrive about who abducted Katy O'Brien.

The youngster, played by actress Amilia Clarke Stewart, went missing in May after finding out about Debbie and Tommy's affair.

What's Cathal up to?
What's Cathal up to?

After confronting Tommy and threatening to lift the lid on his illicit tryst, she left for Galway, but when she didn't return for her exams it was clear that something terrible had happened.

Ahead of one of the soap's most dramatic storylines, the Herald takes a look at the most likely suspects...

1. Top of the list is Cathal Spillane. When he arrived on the show last year, it was clear he was bad news. When Debbie threatened to expose his illegal dealings, he locked her in the basement of his hotel. She was rescued but Cathal fled the scene and is now back in Carrigstown, intent on getting revenge on the O'Brien family.

2. Oisin Brennan: Although he's a relative newcomer to the Carrigstown cast, he clearly has a sinister side and isn't one to be trusted. When Katy first disappeared, gardai were immediately suspicious of Oisin.

3. Tommy Dillon: Given that Katie found out about Tommy and Debbie's affair and threatened to tell Eoghan about the whole thing if he didn't end it, he could well have the biggest motive of all.

4. Ciaran Holloway: His character turned up in Carrigstown out of the blue and nobody knows that much about him. He's close with all the family and is something of a dark horse.

5. Stella Lyons: They went on a couple of dates just before she vanished but things turned sour between them after Katy questioned Stella on why she left Facebook.

She then found out that Stella was involved in a stabbing a few years ago.


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