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Best 7 Christmas ads ever


Kellogs Christmas ad

Kellogs Christmas ad

Kellogs Christmas ad

Who doesn't enjoy having their emotions manipulated by supermarket chains and giant soft drinks companies at Christmas?

Let's face it, ads are pretty appalling throughout the year between singing bears proffering yogurt and nodding dogs peddling car insurance. 

It's no wonder the mute button regularly wears out before its time on our poor remote controls, which receive the brunt of our impatience and frustration.

However, we do like to feel all warm and fuzzy inside during the festive season and if it takes a supermarket ad to help us get into the spirit of sharing and caring and generosity (the irony) then so be it. 

Bring on the animated bears and the jingling bells.  Prepare to go all mushy with our top Christmas ads...

Sainsbury's Christmas 2014 ad

The supermarket chain teamed up with The Royal British Legion to depict one of the most famous events of WWI when the Brits and the Germans emerged from their trenches and played a game of football together on Christmas Day.


John Lewis - The Bear and the Hare (2013)

This year's little boy and his toy penguin doesn't quite reach the emotional intensity of last year's Bear and the Hare, an animated tale of friendship between two animals with different hibernation patterns.  It received over 13m views on YouTube.


Penneys - Got a Whole lot of Things for Christmas (1996)

It's a straightforward, simple, sweet animated tale of a little blonde boy awaiting Santa's arrival.  Fair play to Penneys for coming up with what sounds like an actual Christmas carol that features the line 'Penneys, got a whole lot of things for CHristmas, got a lot for the family'.  Brilliant marketing.  Sure we still sing it and it's been around since the 80s (revived in 96).


Budweiser - Christmas 1987

An earworm of a Christmas tune, snow, and those horses.  It's just lovely.


Guinness - Dream of a White One

Despite the fact the country is ill equipped to deal with snow and comes to a standstill when we get a half inch that doesn't even stick, us Irish just love a white Christmas and this ad plays on that childish desire. 


Kellogs Cornflakes - Waiting for Santa (1990)

Another cute blonde kid awaits Santa's arrival.  This time it's live action and she gets to meet the man himself whilst her siblings and parents sleep upstairs.  A quarter of a century after it first aired we still love it.


Coca-Cola - Holidays are Coming (1990)

Cornflakes faced stiff competition from Coca-Cola back in 1990.  It must have seemed like the most fuzzy festive season ever that year.  The 'Holidays are Coming' jingle basically tells you to get excited and you do.  Those manipulative marketing geniuses!


Irn Bru - The Snowman

Irn Bru harnessed the inherent loveliness of The Snowman for their 2006 ad.  A strange pairing but effective nonetheless.

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