Saturday 14 December 2019

Amy Huberman's TV love rat co-star is actually her real-life ex

Amy Huberman and Rory Keenan
Amy Huberman and Rory Keenan
Melanie Finn

Melanie Finn

Amy Huberman is winning huge plaudits for playing the part of a betrayed solicitor on RTE's Striking Out.

And it turns out she used to date her co-star Rory Keenan in real life after first meeting on an RTE show in 2001.

Amy Huberman's drama ‘Striking Out’ continues on the box
Amy Huberman's drama ‘Striking Out’ continues on the box

The Herald can reveal the stunning actress previously stepped out with handsome Rory many years ago, when she was just starting out in the world of acting, long before she met hubby Brian O'Driscoll.

A source close to the petite star confirmed that she and the actor, who plays love rat Eric, used to go out.

"Amy and Rory used to date many years ago, when she was about 21, and they went out for about six months before they both moved on," the source said.

"It probably made filming a bit easier as she already knew him, but there was no awkwardness there whatsoever as it was so long ago.

RTE's new legal drama Striking Out, starring Amy Huberman.
RTE's new legal drama Striking Out, starring Amy Huberman.

"The Irish acting world is so small that everyone kind of knows everyone."

Amy and Rory worked together on RTE's GAA drama series On Home Ground back in 2001, which is where the pair first met.

They also worked together on The Clinic, which was Amy's first major TV role, playing the part of receptionist Daisy Callaghan.

Speaking recently, Keenan said that he "had a laugh" reconnecting with Amy on Striking Out, given that they used to know each other from previous projects.

He said that it was great to catch up with her again as the pair spent last summer filming the four-part Sunday night drama series.

"I hadn't seen her in a long time. I've been living in London for the last seven years so I wouldn't have seen her out and about much. It was really good to reconnect and have a laugh, and it was a laugh", he told RTE Entertainment.

Actress and author Amy is winning plaudits for her role playing betrayed solicitor Tara Rafferty in the new RTE series. Hitting all the right notes with viewers, the first episode attracted 464,000 viewers, rising to 544,000 for the second show.

There's lots more drama in store on tomorrow night's show, which sees new character Barry O'Brien in hospital with acute liver failure.

Tension also escalates between Tara and Eric as things turn personal in the courtroom. Things also come to a head between Tara and her meddling mother Irene, played so convincingly by the talented Ingrid Craigie.

They meet in a bid to clear the air but, after a few barbed comments, a frustrated Tara finally lets rip at her mother over her infuriating ways.

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