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Amanda Knox sang part of 'Come Out Ye Black and Tans' on Ray D'Arcy show last night


Amanda Knox on last night's Ray D'Arcy Show

Amanda Knox on last night's Ray D'Arcy Show

Amanda Knox on last night's Ray D'Arcy Show

Amanda Knox, the American woman who was convicted and later cleared of the murder of British student Meredith Kercher in 2007, has revealed that she received support from Irish people while she was in prison.

The 30-year-old appeared on the Ray D’Arcy show last night to speak about her time in prison, the final twists of her fight to freedom, and her life before and after the highly publicised trial.

In a bizarre segment of the thirty minute interview, Knox even sang some lyrics from an Irish rebel song Come Out Ye Black and Tans.

She explained that an Irish supporter had sent her a CD of the 50 most popular Irish rebel songs while she was in prison.

“My world collapsed,” Knox said. “I didn’t realise that the world was so unfair. That was not something that I grew up with. That was something that a lot of Irish supporters of mine felt.”

“I got letters from lots of Irish people who really understood, like, of course, authority taking advantage of a vulnerable person and spinning it in a bad way, of course, we know that.”

“They sent me Irish rebel songs and everything… They sent me this CD of the 50 most popular ones. You know, there’s like ‘come out you Black and Tans and fight me like a man’,” she said, giggling.

“It was great, and I had no idea what they were talking about, like slandering Parnell and I didn’t know what any of that meant, I just understood the fighting spirit of it, and I appreciated that.”

Knox was acquitted in 2011 but faced a retrial in 2014 after which she was acquitted again.

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