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9 best chat show moments from Parkinson to Graham Norton to the Late Late Show


Bill Murray on Letterman

Bill Murray on Letterman

Bill Murray on Letterman

There's no thrill like the thrill of live TV and it's particularly heightened within in the framework of the chat show where the chemistry between host and guest can make or break an interview.

As David Letterman wraps up his 33 year chat show career this week, we've assembled some of the most memorable chat show moments from the sweet magic of a brilliant guest to the horror of an encounter gone wrong...

Bill Murray, Matt Damon and Hugh Bonneville on The Graham Norton Show

This was one of those rare moments  in TV chat show land where, as a viewer, you felt entirely at ease with the host and the guests who were all, within seconds, clearly having a ball. 

There was a distinct lack of ego, banal questions, and filler. This was just four guys on a mission for banter and for viewers it felt like actually being down the pub with them.

The trio - Bill Murray, Matt Damon, and Downton's Hugh Bonneville - were promoting their new movie The Monuments Men together although when the film got a cursory mention it almost felt as though the guests were disappointed to have to stop messing around for long enough to address a question.

They tucked into champagne, Norton talked about Matt Damon sitting on his lap and playing with his nipples, and Hugh Bonneville was lambasted for his Top Gear appearance that week in which he appeared to be wearing lipstick.

And then Bill Murray hugged Graham because he was Irish.

Why did it have to end?

Bill Murray on David Letterman in 1982

It was Letterman's first interview and Bill Murray did not disappoint, with an interview that went down in television history.

Murray, who was pre-Ghostbusters superstardom, told Letterman during the interview: “Do I miss Saturday Night Live?  You've never missed anything or anyone in your entire life!  You got out of Indianapolis and didn’t look back. I’m just waiting for the other shoe to fall on you, man, and I want to be there when it hits the floor! I had a chance to strangle Richard Nixon and I didn’t - and I regret it!”

He also played with balls of lint from inside his cardigan pocket and when Letterman questioned him on it, he said. "I wish you would quit trying to run my life."

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