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5 reasons to fill that Love Island shaped hole in your life with the Aussie version

Grant chats up Tayla behind Cassidy's back on Love Island Australia
Grant chats up Tayla behind Cassidy's back on Love Island Australia
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

If you're reading this we're presuming you're a bone fide Love Island addict and, while still high on Jack and Dani's win from last night, are probably starting to feel something of a comedown as the afternoon progresses. No more villa, no more drama, no more lurve, no more unadulterated trash TV to live tweet every night...

And yet there is, as Love Island Australia, which has been bedding in after the hugely popular UK version on 3e all week, will slip back in the schedule tonight to 9pm where it will fill the UK's slot, and the void in your life.

Having already invested in Love Island Australia, I can confirm it's not simply the original UK version's poor man's cousin, but is just as addictive and even has its own unique merits.  Here's why you (still assuming you're an unashamed, or even slightly red-faced, 'fan') should tune in:

1. Majorca

aussie villa.jpg
The Love Island Australia villa

The Aussie islanders jetted in to another Majorcan villa to film the series (which has already aired in its entirety in Oz - handy to know if you're anxious to avoid spoilers online) so it still has the same vibe.  The villa is even more impressive than the main UK villa, with a stunning view, but shares the familiar white neon-accented decor.  Basically, it feels reassuringly familiar, it feels like home (if 3e of a weeknight has become your refuge in recent weeks).

Fancy staying at Love Island's luxury Casa Amor villa? Here's what it costs to rent

2. The cast

Summer lovin’: Love Island Australia contestants

Love Island is only as good as its cast and producers have chosen an interesting cross section of Aussies of various backgrounds and skills from a doggy day care worker to an electrician to a radio DJ, beauty salon owner, bartender, and prison officer. 

li charlie.JPG
Charlie's an international rugby player, Love Island Australia. PIC: Channel 9

Of course there are a couple of models in the mix and an international rugby player.  As you might expect they're all towards the 'hot' end of the attractiveness spectrum.

You can meet the main cast here: 'I'm the star of everyone's Snapchat stories' - meet the 10 in-your-face Love Island Australia contestants

3. The drama

One week in and the drama has already escalated to the heights of Love Island UK's Georgia/Josh/Kaz dumping/recoupling. 

Remember the tension of Georgia's dumping on Love Island UK? (ITV)

A Love Island Australia triangle saw 'tradie' Grant play bartender Cassidy, with whom he was initially coupled, off against beauty queen Tayla.  He lied, was caught out after the two women compared notes, promised Cassidy he would never lie to her again, continued chasing Tayla, who promptly chose him at the first recoupling.  They've been 'pashing' all over the villa ever since, much to Cassidy's chagrin.

grant cassidy.jpg
Grant and Cassidy in happier times

Phew.  And that's just one storyline. 

4. Eoghan McDermott

Love Island UK's narrator Iain Stirling

Some would argue that Iain Stirling is the best thing about Love Island UK.  His narration never falls short of spit-your-tea-out hilarious.  The man is a comedian, so it's his job, but he's damn good at it, and he's a very tough act to follow. 

Eoghan McDermott is narrating the Australian version of ITV’s big hit TV show Love Island

Eoghan is predominantly a TV and radio presenter, not known for his stand up and side-splitting one-liners, but a few episodes in he has carved his own path and found his groove and there's something comforting about his familiar Dublin lilt punctuating the Aussies' chat. 

There was a lot of love for Eoghan McDermott's Love Island Australia voiceover from Aussie viewers

5.  The quirks

While Majorca is a relatively hot spot in European terms, several members of the LIA cast appear to be, well, a bit chilly, spending much of their time wrapped entirely in blankets, with only their heads protruding.  Perhaps they're from the Northern Territory and Majorca may as well be Alaska. 

blanket tayla.jpg

There also appears to be a much more liberal approach to rather salty language and, on the whole, they're a bit more forthright about what they think and want than their UK cousins.

li erin.JPG
Erin may have used a choice four letter word to describe a female potential love rival on Love Island Australia. PIC: Channel 9

You don't need to have watched the first week to launch into the series tonight but you can always catch up on the drama on the TV3 player.  Love Island Australia airs on 3e at 9pm.

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