Monday 20 November 2017

Stars on Instagram... from Selena Gomez to Beyonce

Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez
Taylor Swift
The Rock
Neymar is one of the most marketable brands in world sport

Pat Fitzpatrick

As Sarah Caden talks to Irish Instagram queen Lauren Bejaoui, we have a look at stars who have a huge following on the site

1 Selena Gomez

We never heard of her before today, either. This is no world for middle-aged men who feel weird following the career of a former child star. Apparently, she featured in those Disney teen shows, where a very good-looking girl is nice to her ugly friends, up to a point. Selena has over 91 million followers on Instagram. A recent shot of her drinking a Coke was the most liked photo ever on the social-media site. It's safe to say the people at Coca-Cola liked it more than anyone else.

2 Taylor Swift

Attention anyone who has just started dating Taylor (86 million followers!). She likes to pepper albums with songs about her real-life break-ups. There are over 10 songs per album, released one per year. We ran the numbers. Maybe wait a month before getting 'Taylor 4Ever' tattooed on your secret place. Or else follow Tom Hiddleston's lead and buy a cheap vest with 'I Heart TS' on the front. He wasn't taking any chances. And he can always call Tori Spelling if things don't work out. 

3 The Rock

One question if you have managed to get this far in life without hearing about The Rock (60 million followers). How are you finding life with the monks? Because only a life of contemplation and strong gargle could keep you ignorant of the most highly paid actor in the world. Forbes reckons he made $64.5m in the 12 months to June. We reckon he never turns to his director and asks, "What is my motivation in this movie?" 

4 Neymar Junior 

Be careful how you find his Instagram account (55 million followers). We put 'Brazilian' into a search engine, and you wouldn't believe the filth that came back. (Or maybe you would, you dirty thing.) Neymar is, of course, a Brazilian footballer, playing for Barcelona. There was a rumour that he nearly joined Manchester United last year, but it didn't quite happen. Some say you can't make a bikini-wax pun out of his proposed move. We say it was a close shave. (Sorry.)

5 Beyonce Knowles

With 79 million followers, there is talk she might join the EGOT club eventually. Standing for 'Emmy Grammy Oscar Tony', it is the grand-slam of showbiz awards won by a select group of incredible talents. And Whoopi Goldberg. Beyonce told the faithful at her Dublin concert that they are the loudest fans in all the world. "Tell us something we don't f**king know," said the Croke Park residents in reply. No one heard them.

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