Tuesday 25 June 2019

Spare a thought for Ellie

If there's one thing the Ellie Goulding/Ed Sheeran/Niall Horan thing has taught us it's that they really don't make celebrity love triangles like they used to. Ed has oh-so-graciously "forgiven" Horan, pictured, for the rumours about the One Direction star cheating with Sheeran's then-girlfriend, Goulding, because the ginger one "got a song out of it." (The song was called Don't). To which we can only say, oi, Ed, DON"T. Because as much as a romantic menage a trois might be evidence that both you lads are men of the world, hugging it out so easily, without any rancour or recrimination, is not the way to go.

Can you imagine Jennifer Aniston saying she forgives Angelina Jolie because "I really needed a new haircut anyway." Or Jude Law saying he forgave Sienna Miller because "being followed around constantly by all those phone-hacking hacks was actually a bit of an adventure."

No, they did the decent thing and festered - or appeared to do so - through the medium of the tabloid media for several years. And if you don't care about us, spare a thought for poor Ellie. She might not be Helen Of Troy but at least act like you may have cared.

Donal Lynch

Sunday Independent

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