Friday 15 November 2019

Sniffy residents turn up noses at O'Donnells

There were guffaws aplenty this week as the New Land League blockaded the plush Killiney home of Brian O'Donnell (right) when the bank tried to repossess it. League leader Jerry Beades said it was a 'bog standard' house.

Some local residents reacted sniffily to the family's plight. One told us she popped around for a look, and said she found the mansion's decor "super-naff".

Others raised eyebrows at the stone lions guarding the door. Perhaps paper tigers would have been more appropriate.

Having solved the national question, those brave souls in Sinn Féin are turning their attention to a more pressing problem - a bridge that whistles.

SF councillor Brendan Ferron said residents can't sleep as a result of the high-pitched noise from the bridge near Firhouse in Co Dublin.

Meanwhile, we learn that Sinn Féin has received $1m in donations from trade unions in North America. The union members can take comfort that their hard-earned dues are going to a worthy cause.

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