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SN TECH Virals Nov 23

Spiderman Dad

This is a pretty cool way to surprise your terminally ill five-year-old son on what could well be his last ever birthday.

Ken Bloch

Any car nuts will know the name Ken Block. Well, the expert driver has released his latest film. This time he's in L.A. and he's in a four-wheel drive Ford Mustang.


Widely regarded as one of the soundest actors around and this minute-long viral helps prove that as he is put through the wringer while promoting his new film.

Emmy 2006 Intro

These kinds of intros are done every year now but considering this vintage viral was created in 2006 it is a sight to behold.

Brave, brave man steals ball on live TV

This New Orleans Saints' fan did the unthinkable and was caught red handed on TV. The ball was definitely meant for the lady. But he wasn't backing down.

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