Tuesday 16 July 2019

‘She’s been touched up more than a choir boy at the Vatican’ - Joan Rivers on Jennifer Lawrence

Joan Rivers
Joan Rivers
Jennifer Lawrence

Joan Rivers doesn’t seem to be loosening her grip on Jennifer Lawrence’s jugular any time soon.

The comedienne took another swipe at the Hunger Games actress during an interview with the New York Post recently.

"My New Year’s resolution is [ensuring] Jennifer Lawrence grows up and realizes how lucky she is and calms down," she told the publication, before adding an acerbic:

"I love that she’s telling everyone how wrong it is to worry about retouching and body image, and meanwhile, she has been touched up more than a choir boy at the Vatican."

"Look at her posters," she continued. "She doesn’t have a nose, she has two holes. She just has to learn, don’t talk if you’re doing it."

The feud stems from comments Lawrence made about Rivers’ show Fashion Police on The Hunger Games: Catching Fire promotional trail in November.

"There are shows like the Fashion Police that are just showing these generations of young people to judge people based on all the wrong values and that it's OK to point at people and call them ugly or fat. We have to stop treating each other like that and stop calling each other fat."

Rivers hit back, tweeting: "WAIT! It just dawned on me why Jennifer Lawrence fell on her way up to the stage to get her Oscar. She tripped over her own arrogance."

But Lawrence went one step further in her quest to hold the media more accountable for its role in portraying positive body images to young women.

"I just think it should be illegal to call somebody fat on TV," she said.

"Because why is humiliating people funny."

Lawrence made the comments during an interview for an ABC News special Walters Presents: The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2013.

"I get it, and, and I do it too, we all do it," she continued. "But I think when it comes to the media, the media needs to take responsibility for the effect that it has on our younger generation, on these girls who are watching these television shows, and picking up how to talk and how to be cool, so then all of a sudden being funny is making fun of the girl who's wearing an ugly dress.

"I mean, if we’re regulating cigarettes and sex and cuss words, because of the effect they have on our younger generation, why aren’t we regulating things like calling people fat?"

Lawrence won the Oscar for Best Actress in 2013 for her role opposite Bradley Cooper in Silver Linings Playbook. She will soon hit the big screen with Cooper once more in American Hustle, out in cinemas across the UK on 20 December.


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