Saturday 16 November 2019

Seven days of fun and frolics around Ireland

Sophie Gorman

Saturday rockabilly festival

Strawberries? Oh please. Enniscorthy has ditched its wholesome fruity image over the past few weeks and embraced its dark side – the Riverside Jump Festival of Rock'n'Roll, Rhythm'n'Blues and Rockabilly will be painting the town black all this weekend, with a retro 1950s twist from performers like Earl Jackson. Who needs Vitamin C, eh?


james goldsburyQ Comedian James Goldsbury is doing something slightly different for his 10 Days In Dublin show – he's structuring his entire act around tweets sent to @tweetsperiment. A bid to get more followers, or a clever and original way to do comedy? You decide. Catch it tonight at The Duke.

Friday, July 12

For the evenings where you're done with the pub and have eaten your fill, but still don't quite fancy heading home, then try Strictly Hush Hush at Dublin's Eden. Vintage cocktails and a retro vibe, all set to old-timey tunes with that delicious and crackly 78rpm sound.

Saturday, July 13

All good things must come to an end, and so it is that we say goodbye to this year's 10 Days in Dublin Festival, along with its stunningly good line-up. To cap the whole thing off, check out How To Murder A Ghost – the story of a town coming together to deal with a late resident. It's on in the suitable eerie surrounds of St Patrick's Cathedral tonight.

Sunday, July 14


The Galway Fringe is up and running, combining with the city's Arts Festival to turn the City of the Tribes into a real cultural hub for the remainder of the month. If we were pushed to pick a highlight for today, we'd recommend you take a look at Dear Salthill – an exhibition of photographs and memories of the village that's been put together (and modelled upon) social media.

Tonight, it's Mumford & Sons who take to the Phoenix Park stage, delivering a brand of Americana that's about as original as those people who say: "Andy Murray – British when winning, Scottish when losing".

Monday, July 15

Catalpa, the one-man show from the ever-brilliant Donal O'Kelly, begins a run tonight at the Viking Clontarf. Based around the true story of a 19th-centurty prison break, this piece is as searing as it is hilarious.


If Michael Bublé wasn't such an out-and-out sound chap, it would be a little bit easier to be dismissive of his bland tunes and his laboured swing shtick. As it is, though, his charm and wit will make tonight's show at The O2 just about bearable.

Tuesday, July 16

Me And Stabby McGee charts the relationship damage that can occur between housemates when one happens to be a serial killer. We've all been there. On tonight at The Bentley as part of Galway Fringe.

Guillermo del Toro's brash and breezy summer blockbuster Pacific Rim is set in the near future where a portal beneath the Pacific Ocean has unleashed a plague of giant alien monsters. Idris Elba leads the team of scientists and pilots fighting the monsters, and Charlie Hunman and Rinko Kikuchi co-star in a film that's big on action and special effects, but pretty thin on characters and storyline.

Wednesday, July 17

The Liberties Festival kicks off today, with a five-day line-up of music, theatre, film, history and all the other ways you could think of to represent this wonderful part of the capital. Tonight, to literally get the ball rolling, the Garda Siochána will take on the Street Traders at football – Brazil vs Spain, eat yer heart out.

Best science

If magic in the 19th and 20th centuries was defined by sleight of hand, the modern-day equivalent is all sleight of mind. Scientists Stephen Macknik and Susana Martinez-Conde have studied this 'neuromagic' extensively, and tonight they present an intriguing talk at The Science Gallery.

Thursday, July 18

Riverrun is one of the most talked-about shows from this year's Galway Arts Festival, offering a unique and painstakingly constructed take on Finnegans Wake through the voice of Anna Livia Plurabelle.

Mumford & Sons will have come and gone by the time Grizzly Bear arrive in Dublin tonight, for a gig at the Iveagh Gardens. Shame, really, as these guys could really have taught them a thing or two about kick-ass harmonies.

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