Thursday 5 December 2019

School reunion and in-House party for a Noble cause

Yvonne Keating
Yvonne Keating
Stephen Bradley and Deirdre O'Kane
Barry Egan

Barry Egan

Yvonne Keating was reunited with her nearest and dearest last weekend in Dublin. Sadly, I do not bring you news of a reunion with ex-husband, Ronan Keating.

She was  having much more fun! Gorgeous Yvie was enjoying a school reunion in House on Leeson Street. She and 10 pals booked the VIP library area of the club, where they stayed and chatted for most of the Saturday evening.

Two nights previously, in the same Leeson Street venue, the entire cast of Noble assembled for the after-party - after the premiere of the film at the Savoy.

House was transformed, with an Asian theme involving red and yellow lanterns, tuk tuks in the garden, and a plush red carpet outside for the 500 gilded guests who included, unsurprisingly, Christina Noble, Deirdre O'Kane (who played Christina in the film) and her husband (and director of Noble), Stephen Bradley.

Comic Dara O Briain, Love/Hate actor Killian Scott and Liam Cunningham (who is central in the movie) also pitched up at the party that went on until 3am. All in a very Noble cause.

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