Sunday 20 October 2019

Rylan Clark-Neal: I could Brexit talk anyone under the table

The presenter said people have the wrong impression of him.

Rylan Clark-Neal (PA)
Rylan Clark-Neal (PA)

By Julia Hunt, Press Association Entertainment Correspondent

Rylan Clark-Neal has said people wrongly assume he is a “stupid reality reject” when he could actually “Brexit talk anyone under the table”.

The presenter posted a string of messages about Brexit on Twitter on Wednesday, the day MPs were staging a series of indicative votes on alternatives to the Prime Minister’s Brexit plan.

Clark-Neal, who found fame as a contestant on X Factor, started by tweeting: “If cons vote in favour of Mays deal tonight it’s only on the basis they know she will quit, that someone else will take her place and they may move up the conservative food chain.

“Isn’t it great these people have voted (unmeaningful) THREE TIMES.”

Comedian Jake Yapp then posted a complimentary message about the star.

Clark-Neal responded: “Cheers jake, people assume I’m a stupid reality reject, which I like because u get away with more, but believe me I’ll brexit talk anyone under the table.”

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