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Ryan Tubridy: 'BBC was lovely but I'll never make the move to the UK'


The Late Late Show. Picture Andres Poveda

The Late Late Show. Picture Andres Poveda

The Late Late Show. Picture Andres Poveda

Ryan Tubridy has ruled out ever moving to the UK to progress his broadcasting career after admitting he found it challenging to connect with British radio listeners.

The Late Late Show host has previously covered for many of the BBC's biggest names on the airwaves during his summer holidays.

During his regular jaunts to London up to 2014, he filled in for BBC Radio 2 heavy weights lie Graham Norton, Ken Bruce and Chris Evans and consistently pulled in solid ratings.

But the 43-year-old said he no longer has any great desire to work outside of Ireland, where he says that spending quality time with his two daughters in his spare time is his main priority.

"Of course, it's nice to spread the wings, but ultimately I think I'm a home bird," he said.

"I really enjoy where I am and where I work, as well as being with the people that I work with.

"So, I don't have a great hunger to be anywhere else, but it was lovely to do the BBC shows as a bizarre work experience."

However, Tubridy also admitted that making the transition as a broadcaster in the UK was not quite as easy as he had initially imagined.

"The biggest challenge was trying to adjust my head to a British audience," he said.

"As countries, we are only a small stretch of water apart from each other geographically, but we are oceans apart emotionally and mentally.

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"We are a very different people, and just trying to adjust to that was the biggest challenge for me."

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