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Russell Brand v Jon Snow in another rampage against the establishment


Russell Brand

Russell Brand

Russell Brand

Russell Brand has continued his rampage against everything establishment – which seems to translate as going on as many mainstream news programmes as frequently as he’s able.

This time, he’s sized up to Jon Snow in an interview for Channel 4 and – between talking over each other – the pair discussed climate change, revolution (yes, that old chestnut again) and Brand’s backing of a petition urging the government to debate the country’s drug laws.

“This is an issue that’s affected me my entire life, it affects a lot of people that I love,” Brand said, continuing, “I’ve seen people I love die from this disease. Now we have a chance to at least demonstrate that this isn’t what people feel about this issue anymore.

“People don’t want drugs to be illegal anymore, they don’t want their heads of politicians buried in the sand.”

Despite urging the public to sign Caroline Lucas’s petition, he admitted:  “There may be some inconsistencies because I’m a man who doesn’t believe in parliamentary democracy – thinks it’s a charade – but what I want is change around this issue and I’m prepared to use the materials in front of me.”

But Brand couldn’t resist throwing in a barb afterwards.

He added: “Those materials will alter as time goes on and more radical change will occur.”

Which, of course, provoked a witheringly dismissive look from Snow.

Indeed, for much of the interview the presenter treated Brand like a boring schoolboy, appearing to suffer through the moments when Brand babbled on (occasionally getting so carried away with his own hyperbole he confused his words) by fixing him with a long-suffering stare.

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