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Rodrigo y Gabriela delight fans with impromptu session on Dublin's Grafton Street

Over a hundred people turned up to an impromptu busking session and tapped their feet along to the unique earthy songs of Rodrigo y Gabriela this afternoon.

It has been a number of years since the Mexican guitar duo have played in Dublin - and even longer since performing atop amplifiers on Grafton Street - but they looked very much at home in their old busking spot.

What you reckon? Busking time on grafton st at 1:30ish? See you down there.. Great weather in Dublin! Great memories too....

Rodrigo y Gabriela (@rodgab) June 24, 2014

The music the instrumental pair create crosses a number of genres and both musicians play in beautiful harmony weaving notes and melodies between each other.

Today they played with their eyes closed, seemingly unaware of the fans that gathered, communication through the music and soft murmurings of “y tu” (and you)  to each other.

Busking this lunch time on Grafton St, Dublin. All money collected goes to the Eden animal shelter. pic.twitter.com/bOJYETjaJO

— Rodrigo y Gabriela (@rodgab) June 24, 2014

Despite playing together for the last 15 years, 'Rod and Gab' haven’t lost any of their earthy sound and still manage to coax sounds out of their guitars like nobody else.

Gabriela plays the guitar like a bodhran player caressing both percussion and catchy rhythms out of her instrument.

Rodrigo, meanwhile, is just as unconventional, occasionally using a beer bottle to elicit a different sound.

The pair have just released a new studio album, '9 Dead Alive', which chronicles nine of their greatest inspirations over their years together.

Today's gig today was in aid of the Eden Farm Animal Sanctuary of which Rodrigo and Gabriela have been patron since 2012 after they saw the video "You haven't lived until you've hugged a turkey" made by them.  The sanctuary rescues animals from abuse, neglect and slaughterhouses. Both Rodrigo and Gabriela are vegan and support animal rights.

Thanks to everybody who came out to see us busking at grafton st! It was amazing! See you tonight at the concert hall!

— Rodrigo y Gabriela (@rodgab) June 24, 2014

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