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Rob Delaney: Sobriety allows me to fully grieve loss of my son

The actor’s two-year-old son died in January 2018 after being diagnosed with a brain tumour.


Rob Delaney (PA)

Rob Delaney (PA)

Rob Delaney (PA)

Rob Delaney said being sober has allowed him to fully grieve the death of his two-year-old son, as he marked 17 years of sobriety.

The actor’s son Henry died in January 2018 after being diagnosed with a brain tumour.

Delaney, who previously struggled with alcoholism, posted a message on Twitter saying getting through the first year after losing Henry had been “brutal” but it “would have been far worse” if he had not been clean.

He told his followers: “As of today I’ve been sober 17 years. 17 years ago I was in jail in a wheelchair. Today I’m not.

“I am profoundly grateful to the alcoholics who shined a light on the path for me and helped equip me with the skills to live life well.

“This has been a brutal year for my family and me. Our first year without our son and brother Henry.

“Had I not been sober, it would have been far worse. As it was, I squeaked by.

“Sobriety allowed me to be a reasonably good dad, husband, and worker through it all. (If you average it out. I think.)

“Sobriety allows me to grieve fully, and grief is an expression of love.”

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The Catastrophe star, 42, also thanked “everyone who has helped me”.

“I can’t do it alone,” he said.

Delaney and his wife have three other sons. Their youngest was born in August, months after Henry died.