Thursday 23 January 2020

Raunchy villa antics have Love Island fans in stitches

Has Dr Alex George finally found his confidence?

Raunchy villa antics have Love Island fans in stitches (ITV)
Raunchy villa antics have Love Island fans in stitches (ITV)

By Lucy Mapstone, Press Association Deputy Entertainment Editor

Love Island fans were highly amused – and somewhat shocked – as the programme ventured on the raunchy side on Sunday night.

One of the moments that entertained viewers saw Megan Barton Hanson and Wes Nelson attempt to go to bed together in the middle of the day, at the risk of being caught by their fellow islanders.

As the couple tried to get steamy under the covers, they were thwarted when Stephanie Lam walked into the brightly lit communal bedroom, and then again by Laura Crane.

Laura joked: “You guys are just numb to anyone else aren’t you?”

But it was Jack Fincham sauntering through the room, quickly catching on and awkwardly rushing out that had viewers in stitches.

Megan screamed “get out, get out!” at him as he ran through the other door.

On the landing, Jack looked befuddled and lost, and he said to himself: “I was going somewhere, I forgot where I was going…”

Returning to the bedroom to get back out, he told Megan and Wes: “Right, I know, it’s weird! I’m sorry, I can’t unsee it now.”

Fans were fully amused at Jack’s reaction to his co-stars’ attempt at daytime nookie.

Others were tickled by Wes and Megan’s bold attempt at bedroom action in the middle of the day.

Another moment that surprised viewers was the revelation that Dr Alex George made a forward move in the bedroom with his partner Alexandra Cane, with whom he had just rekindled a romance after things went off track for a few days.

Alexandra could not stop giggling as she gathered a few of the female islanders for a chat, where she told them that Alex had made a move in bed the night before.

She said: “Things obviously got a bit frisky between Alex and I last night.”

Many viewers did not quite know how to react.

The pair later went for a date and appeared to be fully in the throes of a budding romance yet again, although some viewers were divided when Alex told Alexandra he once took a girl on a date on the London Eye and then to The Shard.

Love Island continues on ITV2.

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