Wednesday 13 November 2019

WATCH: Keith Barry hypnotises Today FM's Dermot Whelan into thinking he can't read

Keith Barry hypnotises Dermot Whelan
Keith Barry hypnotises Dermot Whelan
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

Keith Barry popped in to the Dermot and Dave studio at Today FM this week and hypnotised presenter Dermot Whelan into believing he couldn't read.

Barry asked Dermot to read out words printed on cards before hypnotising him, which Dermot managed to do very easily and eloquently.

Once hypnotised, however, he pronounced 'Experience' as 'Exporience', 'Indispensable as 'Indipensible' and 'Conscience' as 'Conesiance'.

Afterwards, Dermot said, "I could see what the word was but I couldn't say it!".  Check it out:

Also, if you want to know if you can be hypnotised, try this:

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